Quebec City proud of Simons’ project

Place Ste Foy_good.jpg

Peter Simons of La Maison Simons seals the deal with Ivanhoe Cambridge’s Jean Laramée at Place Ste-Foy.

Quebec City councillor Raymond Dion praised “the quality and the pride of the Simons family - it’s a trademark.” He congratulated the family on their “environmental efforts.”

To Peter Simons, he said, “You are a commercial beacon for the city of Quebec. You have nourished competition. You are a source of inspiration for others. We wish all our developers were like the Simonses. We hope they will be an inspiration for developers who wish to contribute commercially to the city.”

Dion also praised the Simonses for their environmental efforts, including their geothermic warehouse in the city centre.
Simons is working with Place Ste-Foy centre owners Ivanhoe Cambridge on the new development.

Ivanhoe Cambridge vice-president, East region, Jean Laramee admitted that it can be tough to make changes in an existing building to achieve the highest in environmental standards. “There are some challenges. As a company we’ve pushed energy consumption in all our centres in Canada. As for recycling, the process of putting it in place is not easy.

You’ve got to educate the consumer. They’re more and more aware, and they recycle at home; it’s more natural.”

Laramee said that some of the solutions his company was envisioning included metal or plastic dishes or compostable dishes.

“Some tenants have programs,” he said.

When asked about the eventual elimination of plastic bags, Laramee said, “Bags are marketing tools.” While some stores are introducing environmentally-friendly bags, Laramee said, “We may eventually impose [no plastic bags], but we’re not there yet as a society. As a company we have to have a conscience. We’re developing a policy.”