We are searching for families with a big heart in your region.


ASSE, student exchange international program, is searching for families who are ready to host voluntarily, meaning giving home and food during the next school year to young girls and boys.

These students are between the ages of 15 and 17 years old, they are insured by ASSE, have their own pocket money for their personal expenses and would like to be recognized as a part of your family. All these students, come from China, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Italy, Norway, Sweden and Thailand; have been carefully selected, they all have a great school efficiency and have asked to come study in Canada. They already have a good English base. They are cultivated, athletic or artists; they are curious and want to implicate themselves in a Canadian family and mostly want to perfect their English.

The interested families choose their student from files. The families have a responsibility shared with ASSE who possess a representative from your region. Give your family a chance to get to know another culture. Enrich yourself by hosting a young who will become a friend for life. 

Call right now, to find out the criteria’s of admissibility and to choose your student:

Communicate with Grace St.Amand, English Coordinator at 1-866-761-0131 or 450-616-1970.

You can visit our web site: www.asse.com the representative of your region will get in touch with you to meet you to help you make your choice and help you all year long.

ASSE is a public non- profit making organization. 

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