Scott French says farewell

To the readers of the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph,

A year ago this May, publisher Pierre Little gave an unsure, blue-eyed, young journalist his first break.

My predecessor, Michèle Thibeau, gave me simple advice at that time, “Have fun with it,” she had said.

After the first few harrowing months scraping for ideas, leads and anything that resembled a story, I had no idea what she meant.

Then I got to know some people in the community, many of you, in fact. You opened up your doors, your homes and your telephones to patiently answer my questions. Soon I had stories, but I also had acquaintances and friends. And then I understood what Michèle had meant.

A community as charming, warm, and open as the English-speaking community in Quebec City deserves to have its stories told. The Chronicle-Telegraph is entering its 245th year this year. I hope it continues to publish for another 245 years to tell those stories.

I’d like to thank those who went the extra-mile to make me feel welcome in Quebec City. Not only did you help me become a good journalist (or at least better journalist!), you showed me through kindness how to be a good person. I will take that with me when I move back to Montreal.

I trust you are in good hands,
All the best,

Scott French