Characters in Search of Authors


There are four young ladies, soon to be more, who are looking for someone to tell their stories. Brianne, Taryn, Alexi and Jenna each live in a different part of Canada, and all are looking for authors. These are the Maplelea Girls, full of energy and Canadian pride and just 18 inches tall!

These vinyl play dolls, (you may see my blog post with photo here) suitable for girls age 6 to 12, are the creation of Kathryn Gallagher Morton, owner of Avonlea Traditions Inc. of Newmarket, ON. Each character is different—Taryn lives in the Rocky Mountains and loves the outdoors, Brianne lives on a farm in rural Manitoba where she enjoys farm life and ballet, Jenna hails from Lunenburg Nova Scotia where she participates in sports of all sorts and Alexi is the Toronto girl with an affinity for science and technology. While each has her own distinctive personality and passions, they are all bright, caring, energetic girls who think that Canada is one terrific country.

Each doll comes with a 64 page journal which contains not just the doll’s story but also additional pages with questions, prompts and blanks for the real girl to tell her own story. Each Maplelea Girl has a variety of accessories available that suit her lifestyle and interests such as a figure skating outfit, a soccer uniform and riding clothes, along with pajamas, bathing suits, dressy clothes and school clothes, not to mention furniture and pets. There is even a matching shirt and hat so the real girl can dress just like her Maplelea Girl.

These wonderful, wholesome vinyl play dolls have been on the market for five years and have been exceptionally well received. Owner Kathryn Gallagher Morton has announced that she is now looking for authors to write chapter books for each of the existing characters, and is particularly looking for authors who have a strong personal knowledge of the part of Canada in which the character resides.

Gallagher Morton also advises that they are working on a new doll to be released sometime in the next year. The hometown for this new Maplelea Girl has not yet been announced but the company does seem rather intent upon finding an author with a strong knowledge of French-Canadian heritage and culture.

The chapter books that Gallagher Morton envisages for the existing and future dolls will be wholesome, inspiring, educational and entertaining for girls age 6 to 12. They will incorporate Canadian national and regional geography, heritage and culture in engaging fictional storylines.

If you think that you might be just the person to be the voice for one of the existing or future Maplelea Girls, contact Kathryn Gallagher Morton at [email protected]. More information about the Maplelea Girls can be found on their website at