Quebec City police officer helps two lost tourists

I was in and out of Quebec City on a Friday night to see Yanni.

After the show, which was fantastic, Suzanne and myself got really lost.

We asked a cab driver to give us instructions on how to get back to The Clarion on Hochelaga, and he muttered something off, giving us the names of the highways, instead of the numbers.

That's great if you live in a city, but if you don't, it can be confusing, so we found ourselves exiting at La Faune.

It was dark, and we did not know which direction to go in.

Just then, a police officer pulled up alongside of us, and we told him the situation.

He made us pull over to the side, and called headquarters to get directions for us.

To make a long story short, he decided to take us there himself.

We were escorted to our destination, which I am sure was out of his way.

He must have seen us turn in to the hotel, and turned around to come in, just to make sure we were okay.

That was just so nice of him.

I would like an honorable mention of Constable Bruno Courtemanche who went out of his way to make sure two ladies from Montreal arrived safely to their destination.

Praise to the Quebec police force (Surêté du Québec) and Constable Courtemanche of the road safety unit.

Yvonne Boucher Stoute