A Sweet Ending for the Chocolate Cream Soldier

QAC Spring production wraps up

Photo: Janick Laberge

Captain Saranoff (Bill Black) and Louka (Rosie Sabor) get in tight quarters in the recent QAC production of "Arms and the Man"

The dust has settled and the props are put away on another QAC production.  After months of preparations, including the creation of lavish period costumes, the cast and crew put on four well received performances of “Arms and the Man”, an “anti-romantic comedy by George Bernard Shaw.  The performances were always consistent and at times superb, and the company was delighted by the involvement of such a young and energetic cast.  Of course, community support is always important, and the QAC is especially appreciative of the help it receives from the media in getting the word out to theatre fans in the community.  Thanks to all.