Shaw Show Ready for Action

Photo: Noah Johnson

The cast is assembled and ready for action in this week's QAC production of "Arms and the Man"

Lines have been learned, dialogue developed and emotions evoked in preparation for this week’s theatrical production of George Bernard Shaw’s classic play “Arms and the Man”.  Presented by the Quebec Art Company, the play has just finished technical and dress rehearsals.  The play’s open set offers a splendid backdrop for the lavish costumes of this period piece – a talented team has created an assortment of sharp military uniforms and elaborate ladies wear – including bustles! Beyond these visual delights, the story is an entertaining tale of love triangles and confused identities. Although at first glance it might appear to be no more than a typical Victorian romantic comedy, Shaw has used the story as a comic vehicle for the more serious social issues that preoccupied his life, including class relations, gender issues and the folly of war.  This week, all the elements are converging, and the stage is set for a superb show. Tickets are still available for the weekend performances beginning on Friday evening and running through the Sunday matinee – don’t miss it!  (see the Community Calendar for further information.)