Letters from Afghanistan

It's still rain season here, so it's cold and wet. And muddy. But let's back up a bit here. I have to disspell some awful rumours I heard about this place. First of all, the flight in, however long, was not as stomach-turning as people said it would be. I've been on worse roller-coasters. Second, despite all the horror stories about Birtish food (the kitchens are all run by a British company), it's really not that bad by military standards. Methinks some troopies are spoiled by their wives' home cooked meals. There's a lot that I can't and won't be able to discuss for Operational Security (OPSEC) reasons, but there is some stuff that's okay.

There are cats on the camp to chase vermin away, and the snakes that would come to prey on them. We hve one orange, black and white one hanging about Maintenance whom I have named Tabi. She's not shy, and will come over to anyone who will scratch her head, but that's all she'll take. She's a huntress with a job to do.

Living quarters, other than being in cell-like bunkers, are not all bad. It beats the runway I slept on during the stop over at Camp Mirage. Oh, and time for communication with th outside world is limited. Very limited. More to follow at a later date.

Corporal Kyle Giffin is a vehicle technician in the 2nd Batallion, Royal 22e Régiment Battle Group. His home unit is the 5th Canadian Service
Battalion in Valcartier.