Quebec City English school enrollment is increasing

The Central Quebec School Board is celebrating the news that it is one of the only regions to see an increase in enrolment in English public schools in the province.

I remember when I lived in Que. City, I understood that the law was- that one parent must have attended the majority of their elementary schooling in english  in the province of Quebec, not in Canada as stated in your article. Or has the law changed since the late 70's.  My husband was educated in english in Que. I, however was educated in english in Ontario and at the time was told that we needed proof that one of us had been educated in english in the provice of Que. Being that his school that he  had attended had burned, along with all records.  It had been difficult to prove. but managed to do so.   My records were not valid at the time because I had been educated in english outside the provice.   Just curious as to when and if the law has changed.



I was somewhat surprised as well, believing the law to be as you had stated.

Here is an excerpt from the Ministère de l'Éducation website on eligibility:

of Eligibility

certificate of eligibility is generally delivered to children:

  • who
    did most of their elementary or secondary studies in English
    in Canada; or
  • whose
    brother or sister did most of his or her elementary studies
    in English in Canada; or
  • whose
    father or mother did most of his or her elementary studies
    in English in Canada; or
  • whose
    father or mother attended school in Québec after
    August 26, 1977 and could have been declared eligible
    for instruction in English at that time.

These are the basic criteria. There are, however, other criteria which can make a child eligible for English schooling. It would be best to contact the Central Quebec School Board or the Ministère for more information.