FORT Program important for networking and re-entering the job market


I met up with an old friend the other day. At 49 years old and with 25 years experience as a stay-at home mom, Sharon was not sure what to do. An acquaintance had just informed her that the local school board was hiring teacher's assistants. Could she apply? How could she apply?!

Returning, or entering, the work-force following an extended period of mommy-time can be daunting. Questions abound : What are my qualifications? Is my past work experience still valid after many consecutive years at home? Can I translate my mom-qualifications into professional ones? What does the job-market look like today? Do I need new training? Will I miss home too much? Where do I begin? Most importantly : does mommy-brain ever wear off?

I quickly told Sharon about the FORT program, where she found free guidance counselling. This was perfect: her guidance counsellor was able to reassure her about her project, and together they found ways to translate her skills as a mom into skills they knew a teacher's assistant should have. In fact, Sharon didn't know she could create a « CV par compétences »: a transferable skills resume. This tool is well adapted to someone returning to the work force after a certain period of time. To top it off, she was able to practice her interview skills (she had never had a job interview). All this hard work paid off : Sharon is now a teacher's assistant, and she loves it.

The Valcartier Family Centre's FORT program is funded by Emploi-Québec to assist all civilian English-speaking people with their professional orientation and job-seeking needs; services are completely free. I am proud to work there. You may call 649-6505 or 844-6060 for more information, we will be happy to hear from you!