I don't want to!

Girl hit by a car

I don't want to.

No, I don't want to feel pain.

I don't want others to feel pain.

I don't want to ever again witness an accident like the one in Trois-Rivières. I don't want to see that car again, with the idiot at the wheel who stopped in the left lane in front of me, beckoning a girl on the sidewalk to get into his car. She was probably hitch-hiking.

I don't want to ever again see the way she was hit by another car coming along in the right hand lane. She should of looked before dashing across the two lane road. I don't want to have to see her again flying eight feet in the air and landing on the pavement after smashing her head on the windshield and the wipers, of the car that hit her.

I don't ever want to be the first on the scene again to attend a young woman, or anyone, like that again. I don't want to ever again have to tell how I held a compress to her open forehead to suppress the bleeding and to see her bashed nose and the facial contusions.

I don't want to ever again have to ask the awareness questions. "What is your name?" "Evelyne," was the reply. "Where are you right now?" "Trois-Rivières," she correctly replied.

Nor do I want to have to lie again, as I did when she asked, "My face must look awful?" and I replied, "Don't worry love. You look beautiful."

I don't want my sleep disturbed anymore by the replay of the accident. The sound of the impact, screeching brakes, the brutal toss in the air, the girl crumpled on the pavement, a man calling 911 on his cell phone, the police, the ambulance and the sight of her crushed face. It was all there to torment me.

And I especially don't want my companion, who was sitting in the passenger seat of my car, to ever have to witness such a disturbing incident again.

Bill Cox