Short-film festival Sundances into Quebec City

Photo: Courtesy of Prends ça court!

Sundance films like Miracle Fish (above) will be coming to Quebec City screens in March thanks to Prends ça court!

The best of the best shorts from Sundance, the Utah-based international film festival founded by Robert Redford, will be gracing Quebec City screens this March. In conjunction with the Prends ça court! festival, ten short films from the world-renowned fest will be projected at Le Cercle in Saint Roch. Additionally, six critically acclaimed, previously released short films, like Denis Villeneuve's Next Floor, will be shown.

The audience has every reason to believe Prends ça court! is offering the cream of this year's festival's crop. When asked how many of the hundred or so short films screened at Sundance earlier this year he saw before choosing 10 to bring to Quebec, the director of programming, Danny Lennon replied simply, "I saw all of them." Among the films to be screened is U.S. jury winner, Short Term 12.

"Four of the films playing are my absolute favourite films," Lennon said: "The Blindness of the Woods is possibly one of the weirdest films I have seen." Considering Lennon has watched about 1,000 films in the last two months, this statement holds some weight.

Lennon promises that the Australian-produced film Miracle Fish "is Polytechnique in twelve minutes."

The festival hopes to bring cutting edge, if not edgy, experimental movies to Montreal and Quebec City. "These are films fit for midnight showings, at 8 p.m.," Lennon said.
The line-up includes many of Sundance's honourable mention short films, including The Attack of the Robots from Nebula-5, directed by Chema Garcia Ibarra; Protect You + Me, directed by Brady Corbet; Love You More, directed by Sam Taylor-Wood; I Live in the Woods, directed by Max Winston; and Treevenge, directed by Jason Eisener.

"There is an audience who want to see good films. Short films offer the best thing coming out of cinema in the world right now in terms of diversity and creativity," Lennon indicated.

Prends ça court! will present Sundance à Québec on March 4, 7 p.m., at Le Cercle, 228 Rue St. Joseph Est. Admission is $5.