My Valentine

My Valentine. Jewels, flowers, chocolates and kisses are the fare for St. Valentine's and I hope you have will have been endowed with a satisfying portion of them all. My Valentine, dedicated to my readers, consists of the same ingredients but in hypothetical form. To the businessman, whether a shopkeeper, professional or industrialist, I offer you a box full of chocolates to replenish your energy and determination to strive towards your goals that benefit both consumers and your employees. You deserve all the profits you can make out of your investment of time and money.

To our government public servants who have the responsibility for the application of unpopular directives, a bouquet of flowers to remind you that we know your job is necessary to keep our systems on even keel.

A big bouquet of flowers goes to our civil and security employees who watch over our physical well being. Ambulance and fire fighters literally fly to accident scenes and police forces are doing a proud service in spite of the laxity of our laws.

My envelope includes jewels of thanks for Education, Health and other Service employees who do their professional best to maintain our enviable high standards of service to the public.

Kisses go to all you unassuming volunteer workers who give of your time and energy to worthwhile causes. Your solace to a hurt child, companionship to a lonely person and encouragement to the discouraged cannot be replaced by technology. The tapestry of our society would be full of holes without your dedication.

A big box of chocolates is reserved for aspiring writers who dig deep into their hearts and souls for the creative works they share with us. Let these chocolates nourish you and your Muses to allow us continue to enjoy your beautiful creations.

There are diamonds for Quebec's Associations and the dedicated people of the Morrin Centre who protect and promote the art and culture of our community. There is still a sprinkle of diamond dust left for all English Quebecers.

A huge portion of the jewels, flowers, chocolates and kisses in this Valentine is reserved to all of you who were forgotten on Valentine's Day by a lover or a forgetful family members.

My companion might feel uneasy if I ask you, "Will you be my Valentine?" so, I'll ask instead, "Can I be yours?"