“Bright, Amazing Projects” at QHS Science Fair

IMG_8873_1_.jpgStudents learned about everything from dopamine and moisturizers to global warming and weather forecasting at the 2008 Quebec High School Science Fair.

About 75 students - from all grade levels – showed off their bright and amazing projects in this year’s competition, which was themed: 400 Years of Science.

Held in the gymnasium on Monday, January 14, this year’s event was earlier than usual in the hope that students would have the chance to qualify for the regional competition in March, and the provincial Bell Science Fair in Montreal in April.

According to science teacher Charles Sias, students could then have the chance of being chosen to enter the Canadian Finals in Ottawa, and then the international competition in Tunisia.

In conjunction with the Science Fair, there was also a mini Career Fair that saw 13 guest speakers informing students about different science-related jobs including police work and forensics, engineering and genetics, as well as other fields such as financial planning, event planning and journalism.

Students and staff agreed the fair was a success.

“It was good, with more experimental projects which made for more applied science,” said science teacher Paula Breton.

“It was the second year we selected the projects to be shown in the gym, making the project quality better. The students who got to show their projects were proud,” said Breton.

Students showed surprise at some of the interesting facts they learned from projects.

IMG_8862_1_.jpg“I was surprised that chemical reactions in the brain produce pleasure sensations,” said student Jennifer Morency, who along with Rachel Atkinson won second place in Secondary IV for a project about the brain neurotransmitter dopamine.

The main organizers were science teachers Breton and Sias, as well as guidance counsellor Diane Hostetler.

Organizers also wished to thank judges, QHS student ambassadors and students who were part of the welcoming team as well as the QHS staff.

“A special thanks to the Secondary V physics students and the Junior Boys’ Basketball team for helping set up,” said Sias.

He went on to thank others who had given their time to judge the projects – parent volunteers Simon-Pierre Mathieu, Steve Kempf, Shahrzad Saif, and Alan Ross; retired teachers Jerry Trezciak and Rachelle Marceau; retired engineer Jacques Labbe; former QHS students Simon Farnell, Sophie Farnell and Kathleen Keller; QHS lab technician Stephane Tremblay, and director general of Central Québec School Board Ron Corriveau.


Cycle I Year I (Secondary 1)
3rd Charlaine Guy and Marianne Salvan- Genetically Modified Organisms
2nd William Copeman - The Flak Jacket
1st Kin Bolduc and Marysa Buteau - For The Brain

Cycle I Year II (Secondary 2)
3rd Samuel Dutil and Justin Mens - Glow Sticks
2nd Stephanie Puckrin and Eve Gosselin-Bourget - Washing Machine vs. Wash Board
1st Charlie-Elizabeth Nadeau - Evolution of the Treatment of Bones

Cycle II Year I (Secondary 3)
3rd Kevin Proteau, Jennifer Lord, Charles Dion - The Digestive System
2nd Max Tremblay, Max Vian, John Rioux – Electrolytes
1st Will Martin, Isabel Ng-La, Mathew McGory, Brandon St-Onge - Optical Illusions

Secondary IV (Cycle II Year II)
3rd Alexandra Canning and Katherine Morin-Robinson – Compost
2nd Rachel Atkinson and Jennifer Morency - Dopamine - can’t live with it can’t live without it
1st Azanie Roy and Fred Parsons- Caution - Bacterial Invasion Ahead

Secondary V (Cycle II Year III)
3rd Amanda Wong, Christina Hazzi and Kelly Rourke - Global Warming
2nd Rosalie Rosalie and Fred Beaulieu - MAGLEV trains
1st Steven Lafleur and Marie-Pier Abel - Weather Forecasting