Nothing holy about war

"An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind." Mahatma Gandhi


Jill Kruse and her husband Sergeant Gregory John Kruse who was killed in Afghanistan on December 27, 2008.

It was with sadness and dismay a few days after Christmas that I was informed that my uncle-in-law Sergeant Gregory John Kruse was killed in action in Afghanistan.

Greg was a brave soldier, a loving husband and father of three girls. He will be sadly missed.

I was not able to attend his funeral yesterday at Camp Petawawa, Ontario but I would like to extend my deepest sympathies to his dear wife, my Aunt Jill and the girls.

I am disturbed that the level of Taliban fighting increased throughout December and it feels like they intended to inflict pain upon Canadians during the Christian holidays and they have done that with my family and it is upsetting.

War is innately inhumane for either side of a conflict.

We need to stand firm in our resolve to fight an enemy that would like to impose their fanatical religious views upon the whole world. It is fanatical because it tries to teach and spread a very dangerous, uncivilized idea -- a view that it is somehow permissible to murder innocent civilians in a struggle to spread their religious views.

This is what Canada is doing in Afghanistan.

I am not one who enjoys the pro-war and anti-war rhetoric, but surely it makes sense when our soldiers are called upon to fulfill a mission they don't choose, we as Canadians should stand behind their honourable service until they come home. Anything less emboldens the enemy.

I know the Taliban does not represent the views of all Muslims, but it sure would be nice to see more Muslims seeking to live in peace and denouncing these fanatical elements. This might deflate the Taliban's views that this is a "holy war" between Christians and Muslims. There is nothing holy about war.

Peace is our goal; what is the goal of these fanatical few?

All those fallen in 2008: we honour your memory and we will not forget you. God Bless you Greg.  Pierre

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St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Camp Petawawa, Ont. January 5, 2009