WestJest to operate out of Quebec City as of May

WestJet Airlines is making Quebec City more accessible to western Canadians. The Calgary-based company announced this week that it would be adding Quebec’s capital to its roster of destinations. As of May 18, the airline’s schedule will be augmented with a daily flight from Edmonton to Quebec City (with a stopover in Toronto).

The move is meant to capitalize on an anticipated influx in travel to the city during this year’s 400th anniversary celebrations.

Quebec City will be the second destination in the province for WestJet, which added 100 to its stable of 330 bilingual flight attendants in anticipation of the expansion.

The airline, which was initially founded to serve western Canada, now includes 14 destinations in the eastern part of the country, compared to 13 in the west. Despite the incongruity between name and niche, WestJet vice-president Richard Bartrem told the Globe and Mail that the company has no intention of rebranding.

WestJet’s further expansion into Quebec is also significant in that it poses a threat to Air Canada’s near-monopoly on domestic flights to the province.

This is great news.  I got a quote for a round trip ticket from Toronto June 1 and it came to about $ 300.


Air Canada will need to be more competitive now.  Great news for the Toronto Quebecoise.