Battle for the Leaves

As I gaze out my window my eyes are drawn by the sight of something the size of a Patton tank making its way up my street. The city uses these things round this time of year, for collecting leaves that accumulate alongside curbstones.

This tank was doing an excellent job on most of the leaves that lay in its path, when it came to a slightly larger mound left at curbside by some errant eddy. Back up, try again, back up, give up.

Well, that's no hell of an achievement. And they think they need raises!

Time passes, and I'm at my window again. This time it's a Sherman tank, seemingly to collect what Patton left.
I make a vow: If Sherman manages to gobble up all that Patton ignored, he gets a mention in the Chronicle.
Sherman approaches the mound cautiously, then, after what seems an eternity, cleans up every leaf.

That's why I'm here.

To commend our city on employees who don't give up easy.

But there's something else.

Some time after Sherman completes its stellar performance, what should be making its way up the street?

Poor old Patton.

Looking for the dregs.

R. Clive Meredith