SOON: SLC Band Fundraiser

St.Lawrence artists celebrate the legacy of the Beatles to raise funds for Amnesty International

When the legacy of the most important rock band of all time is used in order to raise awareness on international issues, the result promises to be everything but ordinary. On Friday, December 5th, Champlain-St.Lawrence's band, 'What The Heck,' will present a unique concert featuring the beloved music of The Beatles. The goal of the event is to bring attention on this season's Amnesty International campaign, which highlights the need, even in 2008, to fight for the respect of human rights.

Members of the band hope to receive generous donations before and after the concert, for the issues that Amnesty International deals with are especially dear them. The 2008 campaign's cornerstone is Aung San Suu Kyi, winner of the 1991 Nobel Peace Prize. Founder of the National League for Democracy (NLD) in Myanmar and powerful human rights defender, she is currently living under strong observation by the Birmanian dictatorship. As Aung San Suu Kyi's basic right to freedom is not being respected and as she is kept from being elected at the end of the state though her party won the 1989 elections, she portrays the oppressive forces against which Amnesty International has been fighting since 1961.

The program of Friday the 5th's concert promises to please the young and the old, since The Fab Four's music certainly is a timeless masterpiece. Shows like "Cirque du Soleil LOVE" and movies such as "Across the Universe" have contributed to the new wave of popularity for The Beatles' rich legacy. With Paul McCartney's gig in Quebec City, a whole new generation discovered the music of this iconic band.

The Beatles' music perfectly fits a fundraising concert because, throughout its ten years of activity in the music industry, the band managed to transmit messages of hope, peace and, above all things, love. John Lennon would most probably be very proud to witness youngsters keeping his powerful convictions alive.



Left to right: Genevieve Lavoie, Emilie Gagne, Nick Theodorakis, Chris Webb, Annik Bilodeau (Artistic Director), Rose Dube, Evelyne Trudel, Andreanne Desaulniers, Bob McBryde, Charles Auguste Lehoux, Fanny Pedneault, Annie Belanger, Trevor Pearson, Melise Brisebois, Alfredo Lopez, Salvador Lopez (Musical Director) Issan Zhang

'What the Heck,' led by St.Lawrence teachers Bob McBryde and Annie Bélanger, is a group of motivated young musicians who care as much about music than about international issues. They are confident that they will be able to please the crowd that will come enjoying their show in the Cegep's cafeteria.

Mr. McBryde promises more than a high-quality concert; hence, 'What the Heck' is an opportunity to raise awareness on international issues while taking part in a true social gathering!

Come to the show and "Give Peace a Chance'"

'What the Heck' will be presenting this semester's concert in the St.Lawrence cafeteria at 7:30. Donations are greatly appreciated. Quebec City's anglo community is warmly welcomed to come with friends are relatives!