Hot picks for cold nights in Quebec

Two amazing concerts coming up!

Photo: Yoav, 2008

As the temperature is dropping fast in Quebec City, you might want to warm your heart by attending a concert or two.  The good news is that a variety of very promising shows will be presented within the next month.  I chose to provide you with some information about two artists who have offered amazing CDs in the past months and whose concerts in Quebec City are much anticipated.

December 2nd, at Le Cercle
Album: Charmed and Strange

Local fans of Radiohead's leader Thom Yorke will certainly thrilled by newcomer Yoav's visit at Le Cercle on December 2nd.  His first album, Charmed and Strange, is a marvelous mix of electro and indie pop with powerful acoustic guitar sections.  What makes this new pop sensation's career worth watching is his ability to attract large crowds despite music that does not correspond to the usual sound of commercial radios.  Therefore, we can certainly expect to see young music fans as well as more mature crowds, for Yoav managed to charm jazz listeners at Montreal International Jazz Festival early last summer.

Yoav's Charmed and Strange concert is a safe bet for parents who want to bring their teenagers to an activity that both will like.  Yoav is for sure a talented rising stars of the music industry.  Be sure to catch him in the intimacy of one of Quebec City's most amazing music venues!

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December 13th, at Le Grand Théâtre
Album: Le volume du vent

[karkwa] is one of the most praised bands from the province.  After releasing three critically acclaimed albums, they have managed to reach success among local fans of progressive rock music.  Once again, [karkwa] promises to please a varied crowd, for the poetry of the lyrics of their songs can be enjoyed as much as the heavy guitars that characterize their compositions.  Their albums as well as their live performances are built around a crescendo of visceral songs whose climax is magnified by beautiful lighting effects.

What distinguishes [karkwa] from many other bands is the social engagement that is noticeable throughout their work.  They manage to raise awareness on social issues and to assimilate their noble opinions through their distinct blend of poetry and rock.  [karkwa] will have presented their show more than twenty times before their gig in Quebec City, which is sufficient clue that their work will have reached a perfect stage in its evolution.

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