Fair prices at Book Fair

To the organizers of the QCWC Book Fair,

I just wanted to say thanks for the great Book Fair. Your people are doing a great job and I wanted to say so. They and you deserve recognition. Seeing as it’s always good to get feedback and not always available, I just thought I’d drop my two cents.

I always look forward to this great event. What I like so much is the atmosphere. People are polite. Lots of them know each other. It’s always joyful even though each year seems to fall on a dreary day.

It’s the human contact, the books, the excitement. Funny, though, how you get absorbed in the search. It’s a huge treasure hunt and keeps people occupied.

I want to say I’m quite happy with the one-dollar price. I don’t know how well that went down with everyone, but personally, one dollar is still real cheap; it’s for a good cause and I bet it’s a lot easier for everyone at the counter (no more quarters). Sure, it’s not easy to raise the price when it’s been the same for so long, but this was a necessary move and I support you 100 per cent. You’ve just doubled your profits at very little cost for us. I mean 50 cents was ridiculous. One dollar is reasonable.

An upside to this change is that people will give a little more thought to what they take. So that book you really want that someone else would’ve picked up, “because it’s just 50 cents,” might still be there. Then again, it’s still dirt cheap enough to take whatever catches the eye, discover new stuff, and bring it all back next year without even thinking about it.

Thanks again, and see you next year!

François Major