QHS alums tee off in Ont.

Photo: Joan Guay

Standing L to R: Mark McCoubrey, Cliff Goodfellow, Jim Simons, Allan Long, Barbara Boden, Richard Scott, Richard Somenzie, Colin Angus, Gavin & Linda Nealson, Marion Blinco, Robert Crutchfield, Luc Guay Middle row:  Jeff McBain, Bruce Laurie, Mac Henderson, Claudia Etches Sitting: Joan Guay, Lynn Crutchfield, Dave Blinco.

Friday, September 26 brought members and friends of the Quebec High School Alumni together in Vineland, Ontario, for another wonderful round of golf.  How nice to see Barbara Boden, along with Dave and Marion Blinco and Bruce Laurie join us on this special day, all the way from Quebec City.