Quebec High School Alumni Golf Tournament in Vineland, Ontario


Photo by Joan Guay, Standing L/R:  Mark McCoubrey, Cliff Goodfellow, Jim Simons, Allan Long, Barbara Boden, Richard Scott, Richard Somenzie, Colin Angus, Gavin  & Linda Nealson, Marion Blinco, Robert Crutchfield, Luc Guay Middle row:  Jeff McBain, Bruce Laurie, Mac Henderson, Claudia Etches Sitting:  Joan Guay, Lynn Crutchfield, Dave Blinco 

by Joan Guay

Friday, September 26, 2008 brought members and friends of the Quebec High School Alumni together in Vineland, Ontario, for another wonderful round of golf.  How nice to see Barbara Boden, along with Dave and Marion Blinco and Bruce Laurie join us on this special day, all the way from Quebec City.  

Tee of times began at 11:00 am and the weather cooperated with beautiful sunshine throughout the tournament.     A gathering at the Sawmill  club house and then dinner at the Best Western, where prizes were presented, brought a perfect end to a perfect day.   Top score foursomes were Jamie Angus, Rob Angus, Scott Angus ( sons of Colin Angus) and Matt Wood.

We would very much like to thank our sponsors and our members and friends who graciously gave us prizes so that everyone could go home with a souvenir.  We especially thank the following:

Richard Somenzi, Chris Stanley, Robert Crutchfield, Tony Soulis, Peter Trudeau, Bruce Laurie, Colin Angus, Lilly Adamakis , Tasi Farquhar, Morgan Cleyn, Dave Blinco, Joan & Luc Guay and a very special thank you to Jay Ouellet whose book,  entitled "Quebec by Night",  was won by Colin Angus and the highest bidder on a watercolour by Joan Guay was Claudia Etches.  

To those on the organizing committee a very special "thank you" for your ideas and especially for your time to help ensure that our contribution to the Alumni will definitely be of assistance to our QHS students.

Happy Thanksgiving to all from the sunshine city of St. Catharines.  The frost has not rested on  the pumpkins just yet, roses are still blooming, beautiful sunsets over Lake Ontario....okay is that enough for you to consider joining us next year at Sawmill?  See you then.  



Photo by: Joan Guay, From L/R: Matt Wood, Scott Angus, Rob Angus & Jamie Angus