Literary and Historical Society halts book sale

Following a meeting of its council Monday evening, the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec is postponing the controversial sale of thousands of historical volumes to a later, unconfirmed date.

“The debate in the Chronicle has people thinking; we do not want to forge ahead unthinkingly,” the president of LHSQ David Blair said, adding later, “Maybe some books were not wisely chosen, other books did not meet the criteria.”

Blair said the council will review the books already chosen for auction. Additionally, the weeding criteria determining which books will be kept and which books will be sold will be reviewed by the council and may be adjusted, according to Blair.

The LHSQ is inviting society and community members to consult the list of books available at and send detailed recommendations of volumes they would like to see retained in the collection by writing to: [email protected].

According to Thomas Feininger, the society’s past president who signalled the danger the book sale presented to the English community’s heritage, “Under the circumstances, the LHSQ has made a wise decision.”