ANNOUNCING - Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph Archive Partnership with Google



Archives can be accessed here

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Archives can be accessed here

(Quebec City, QC), September 8, 2008 The Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph has partnered with Google to bring the newspaper’s archives – the oldest in North America – to the world.

"This effort will open up a new world of possibilities for today's Internet users. You can search for everything from news of loved ones of past generations to news of major historical events," says Pierre Little, publisher. "What's more, some of the news within our archives covers the most important milestones in the early history of Canada and the United States of America."

"We feel that Google's fast Internet network infrastructure will increase our newspaper’s potential readership throughout the world. With two and a half centuries of history in our archives, we expect to attract readers interested in the history of the New World and those wishing to learn of their ancestors. Google news archive will make this great wealth of information easily accessible to readers easily accessible," Little said.

The Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph's full archives will be made available over the coming months as Google updates their database with more than two hundred years’ worth of content.

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This is great news Pierre, congrats on doing that deal. I'm sure it will be interesting for the world historians and we locals to see some of this stuff. Job

Thank you Job.  It is an important project for us.  Best wishes,  Pierre