QC goes to ten digits

Over one million people will have to learn how to dial a telephone all over again. As of June 21, residents of the 418 area code wishing to make a local call have to dial 4-1-8 before entering any seven-digit telephone number.

A 13-second automated message reminds diallers having only dialled a seven-digit number that they will now have to dial the area code in addition to the number; the call is then forwarded, but only until September 6.

Businesses and consumers may also need to configure electronic devices like fax machines, computers and communication devices. Homeowners are asked to check to ensure their service providers have adjusted alarm and security systems to comply with ten-digit dialling.

Additionally, any new number established within what is currently the 418 area, will now be given the new 581 code.

More information on ten-digit dialling is available online at: www.dial10.ca.