So long, from Michèle


Michèle Thibeau working at her desk.

Spring is a time for renewal, a time to blossom and grow; a time for change.

After much thought and a few tears, I have decided to “retire” from the QCT to take on a new adventure.

You may have noticed the recent changes to the editorial staff as I took some vacation time to prepare for elective surgery. My surgery has since been delayed, which would have meant a return to my desk in the fall.

It seemed appropriate to give the new editorial team, and the newspaper, a chance to bloom.

In all honesty, I am embarking on an adventure that predates my stumbling upon Quebec City’s English-speaking community.  

Back in June 1998, I was preparing to send off my resume to Quebec City school boards as a freshly graduated English second language teacher.

That was before I bumped into the friend who was to introduce me to the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph. We delivered the QCT Tourist Guides to hotels and tourist bureaus all summer.

It only took one trip to the cozy basement office on old Chemin Ste-Foy for me to get a flash ... a feeling. The funny thing was that the QCT was looking for a reporter.

I had dreamed of writing for a newspaper. It didn’t take me long to revamp my resume, add my journalism experience, and apply for the job!

What was to be a short adventure has lasted almost 10 years. It has been the best job in the world!

Writing for the QCT has been an amazing challenge. I have so many memories, have held so many stories, lived so many emotions.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to stories, photos, ideas (big and small), and those who generously allowed themselves to be interviewed, at all hours. It is with sadness that I leave the QCT for there will always be stories left unwritten.

I have grown from working with a great team, one which has had many different players over the years, each of whom has taught me something special. It has been an honour and a privilege.

Change often forces us to see things differently, to realize our potential.

Change has been part of the QCT forever. North America’s oldest will continue to grow and change in the months and years ahead.

I thank you, dear readers, for your honesty, respect and dedication. I hope that this newspaper will continue to merit your support through its changes, and that you will continue to faithfully voice your opinions.

Know that the QCT is in the capable and excited hands of a new editorial team, one with the required energy, determination and curiosity to meet the challenges ahead. They are part of a larger team, a family.

I wish everyone at the QCT, my colleagues and friends, the very best.  

I’ll be watching from the sideline, perhaps with the odd byline, as I fulfill my dream of teaching, and carve out a new niche in this community. My heart is still firmly rooted in Quebec City, so I’ll surely see you around!