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Macho man the center of Quebec author’s second novel

Caldor is a macho man in every way, especially when it comes to the fairer sex. And he does little, if anything, to conceal his contempt, often voicing his feelings aloud - until he opens his mouth one time too many.

Caldor aims a crude insult at Dierdre, not knowing that she has the power to destroy him. But she decides to merely change him instead.

Finally! Saint Brigid’s expansion project gets rolling


Passersby on Chemin St-Louis should begin seeing the framework for the expansion adjacent to the Saint Brigid's Home sometime after Labor Day.

CEDEC focuses on anglophones in the Quebec workplace

Ten percent more Quebecers over the age of 65 remained active in the work force between 1991 and 2006, according to Statistics Canada. By the year 2011, Statistics Canada says over 32 percent more Quebecers over 65 will continue working in the 10-year period starting in 2001.

Robert Lepage teams up with Cirque du Soleil to create a show featuring First Nations

Pow Wow 2009 023.jpg
Photo: Marie White


Robert Lepage visited the Huron-Wendat annual pow wow last week, organized by Tourisme Wendake, and word has it that he will be starting a new project with Cirque du Soleil to feature First Nations' culture. Details of the show are not yet out but it could be slated for 2010.

Fête turning its gaze toward the Celts, Scots and Irish


Volunteers entertain festival goers in the streets during last year's edition of the Fête de la Nouvelle France.

Memorials and Things of Fame

Chronicle Telegraph

Memorials and Things of Fame

August 5, 2009

Researched and Compiled by Catherine Mills Rouleau



The Morning Chronicle

Bagpipes join baseball on Stade Municipale field when Capitales honour Quebec City’s ethnic heritage

Photo: courtesy Capitales de Quebec

The Capitales de Québec, local favourites of the Can-Am baseball league, will team up with the Morrin Centre to present a Celtic Weekend of baseball, bagpipes and family fun August 15 and 16.

New Cataraqui will offer public events, culinary school

The historic estate of Cataraqui on Chemin St-Louis in Sillery will be equipped to host public events, corporate meetings and a culinary school after the completion of a $9.4 million renovation. It is closed while the work takes place and is expected to reopen next summer.

A big summer at Portneuf

In May, there was the well-attended burial of Cladys Bonneli, a descendant of the first English settlers in Halesboro. Since the lovely little Christ Church for these settlers was burned to the ground three years ago, this burial service was held on the grounds of the cemetery beside the beautiful and unusual memorial site to the honour and glory of this 1842 church.

Paying tribute to soldiers

You see Canadians gathered on Highway 401 overpasses, there to pay tribute to the souls of fallen soldiers coming home from Afghanistan. It makes you sad, but it makes you proud, too. These people don't have to be there. But they know why they are.

St. Matthew's Cemetery's Fascinating Links to the Past

It has been good to follow the news reports about St. Matthew's Cemetery. It is a place with many fascinating connections to the history of Quebec City. It is pleasing to see the city take an interest in the place where such names as Robert Wood, possible half-brother of Queen Victoria, and the other illustrious brother of Sir Walter Scott... but that is material for another day.

Fête turning its gaze toward the Celts, Scots and Irish

Photo: Xavier Dachez

A nod to Celtic, Irish and Scottish history during the New France era is one of the six main differences during this year's edition of the Fête de la Nouvelle France SAQ.

The festival's General Director, André Parent, says after 13 editions, the festival is turning the page to include more of the history during the 1608 to 1760 period.

Still the same game in any language

They come from places like Springfield, Missouri; Nashua, New Hampshire, and Barrie, Ontario. They play another country's national pastime in a place where another game practically qualifies as religion. They travel by bus, sometimes 10 to 12 hours at a time. They play in a city where most people don't speak their language.

Yet, to a man, they're happy to be doing something they love.

Two more soldiers perish


Metro union is back at work

Metro Inc. has signed an eight-year deal with striking Quebec City grocery warehouse employees.

Youth Orchestra performs Palais Montcalm concert

Photo: courtesy of the Youth Orchestra of the Americas

Two shows at the Domaine Forget in Ste-Irénée and one at the Palais Montcalm last week marked the first Canadian concert dates for the internationally acclaimed Youth Orchestra of the Americas.

"It's a big deal because the orchestra has had a big contingent of Canadian musicians," said one of the two principal conductors, Maestro Carlos Miguel Prieto.

Jeffery Hale free Jazz Concert

The Jeffery Hale Friends'Foundation invites you to a free Jazz Concert, Sunday, August 23, 2009, 2:00 - 3:30  on the Jeffery Hale Terrace (behind the hospital) featuring Dave Parker on saxophone and Paul Hinton on guitar.

Parking is free and refreshments will be served. Places are limited so please call to reserve (418 684-2260) Deadline August 14

Local students defy survey results, get involved on political scene

Passionately involved in everything from student council to parliamentary simulation, local students seem more interested in politics than ever, despite far from encouraging survey results.

Letters From Afghanistan

Good Idea, Bad Idea


Memorial and Things of Fame

Chronicle Telegraph

Memorials and Things of Fame

The Morning Chronicle


Cyclist falls in love with city on cross-country benefit tour

Photo: Michael Bourguignon

Two months into his cross-country campaign against cancer, Wes Bauer last week took a respite in Quebec City and fell in love.

"This is probably one of the most gorgeous cities I've ever been to in Canada," said Bauer, whose cross-country cycling tour, dubbed Chase the Cure, kicked off in Victoria, B.C., on May 14, and is expected to end in St. John's, Newfoundland, on August 15.

Wireless net ZAPs Plains of Abraham

The Plaines of Abraham brings a multitude of things to mind: historic battles and sites; spectacular views of the St. Lawrence River; hiking, roller blading and cross country skiing along the park's many paths and trails - and wireless internet service.

Wireless internet?

Radio man recreates the big battle - with water pistols

Photo: Vincent Cadoret

There will be a battle on the Plains of Abraham this summer, but it won't be fought by uniformed soldiers with rifles.

Hundreds of people of all ages are expected to show up on the Plains this Sunday armed with water guns and aqueous ammunition for a water fight that may break attendance records.

Grosse Ile pilgrimage short of funds

The annual pilgrimage to the Celtic cross on Grosse Ile will likely come up short financially this year.

"The cash [to participate] just isn't available," says Victor Boyle, one of the organizers.

Boyle says Americans who wanted to participate last year have since lost their jobs or homes in the big economic slowdown and can no longer afford the trip.

The Never-Ending Cough

The past three weeks for me have been spent coughing and spitting. After a bout with bronchitis that had me in bed for three days with fever, chills and no sleep, the worst of it blew over and left the residual cough that continues to pester me, though it's mostly on its way out.

Riverside ride a winner

If you're looking for a nice little bike-ride of about an hour or so, you might want to consider the beautiful bike paths along the St Charles river. This well maintained path winds along the St Charles river from the "vieux port" marina to the Marie l'incarnation bridge.

Awesome Mad Science!

On Monday April 27, 2009, two people came to Ste. Foy Elementary and presented workshops to the Cycle 2 (fourth and fifth grade) students.

How exciting!

Quebec City news in brief

Leucan invites you on July 30 at 1:30 p.m. to the Centre de plein air Le Saisonnier in Lac-Beauport to discover the world of the Leucan-CSN Summer Camp. Join the children of Leucan and their families in a cheerful atmosphere and become a participant for a moment or longer.

IB Conference: New way of thinking for a new world

That was the theme of the International Baccalaureate organization's Conference of the Americas, a four-day seminar held this month at the Quebec City Convention Centre. Over 800 teachers, administrators and keynote speakers at all educational levels met to explore the concepts and realities of education in an increasingly complex world.

New funds for 24 projects

The federal and provincial governments have announced joint financial support for 24 projects in Quebec, under the Infrastructure Stimulus Fund. With the financial participation of municipalities and private not-for-profit organizations, a total investment of $181.7 million will enable the completion of this work.

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