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Bike riding good for the body, environment and wallet

Photo: Marika Wheeler

A Quebec City bicycle maker says the industry is doing very well despite the global economic slowdown.

The owner of Bicycles Falardeau on Rue Richelieu, Paul Trépanier, says his sales are up nine percent this year, because people may want to be healthier, more ecological, and to potentially save money.

New school board guidelines to be issued July 1

How much will it cost? How will it be implemented? What are the ramifications?

The execution of Bill 88, mandating the direct election rather than the appointment of school board chairpersons starting in 2011, is a mystery worthy of Sherlock Holmes. Currently, school board members choose a president following elections.

Commander manages the military and motherhood


The conversation stops dead, the men not knowing what to say, talk of schools, teachers and doctor's appointments not the normal discourse in this setting.

"We get business done," said Jill Marrack, "but we also want to know what's going on at home. Men are more focused on other things."

Jacque Simard

Simard, Jacques


Fortier, Annie (Miller)



LUMBER BARONS (Candlelight Series)


Saturday, June 6th 2009 - 8 PM at the Morrin Centre  Come relive a moment of history and find out more about the Lumber Barons of the 19th century. Through the insight and knowledge of Mr.

'Keep up the good job and know that we watch and laugh and cry with you'

Every now and then it happens.

Like the other day, dancing in my living room, smiling at my husband and laughing with my children, and suddenly, a song comes on that I vaguely recognize.
"Hey," I say to Carl, "Benoît read those words to us when he came back from Afghanistan."
Then I tune into Shawn Hlookoff's Soldier lyrics, and I am no longer dancing.

Claude Simard of Deployment Support Group Valcartier


Claude Simard of Deployment Support Group Valcartier helps Nathalie Boudreault send a package to husband Warrant Officer Francis Bérubé of the Royal 22e Regiment Battle Group. The DSG in the Valcartier Family Centre serves as a drop-off for100 packages bound for Afghanistan weekly.

Congratulations!! Kaitlyn Craig of Stoneham



On Saturday May 23rd, 2009

OWENS, Lillian 1918-2009


Anglicans meet in Quebec City to review the bottom line

All eyes will be on the financial bottom line as the Anglican Diocese of Quebec its 81st Ordinary Synod at Université Laval tomorrow.

"The church has been built on a structure for 25 000 Anglicans 50 years ago," Bishop Dennis Drainville said in an interview, "when the reality is that we have less than 8000 today."

New bishop once jailed for protest

Photo: James Sweeny

Adjusting to his new position as the leader of the Anglican Diocese of Quebec and title as the twelfth Lord Bishop of Quebec will take getting used to for Dennis Drainville, once a social activist who prided himself on being anti-establishment.

Valcartier corporal reports on personal life in Afghanistan

Photo: Kyle Giffin

From the first day, separation from family and friends back home has effects on people.

The place where we board buses to go to the airport is jokingly referred to as The Crying Room -- and the name is earned.

I only had a couple friends there, but for those who had to say goodbye to their spouses and children, the departure was visibly more difficult.

629 Kiwanis Air Cadets moved to Quebec High School after fire

There was one group that was overlooked in the aftermath of the tragic fire at the Manège Militaire and that was the 629 Kiwanis Air Cadet Squadron.

They too would soon be looking for a new address.
Shortly after the fire, Kiwanis member and cadet volunteer Ben Gauvin approached Quebec High School community coordinator Ed Sweeney about building a relationship with the cadets.

Voltigeurs offer public access for historic Armoury

scene de jour (Photo provided by Voltigeur's Foundation)-mod.jpg
Photo: Illustration courtesy of The Voltigeurs de Québec Foundation

The Voltigeurs de Québec Foundation is proposing to add a huge outdoor stage looking out onto the Plains of Abraham as part of the project it is advocating for the rebuilding of its former home in the Armoury, or Manège Militaire as it is known in French, on Grande Allée.

Soldiers help soldiers tackle operational stress injuries

Having battled negative stigmas of mental health disorders and created a culture within the Canadian Forces making it okay to ask for help from mental health services, CF health experts now say the military is ready to cross the last frontier in improving mental health care for soldiers by ensuring soldiers suffering from mental illnesses like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are able to iden

Families of soldiers learn to cope and wait for return

Photo: Scott French

About 60 people crowded in to the Valcartier Family Centre last Wednesday to watch Family Hour with the Chain of Command.

The videoconference isn't a new reality series catching on near the base.

QCT wins first place for Best Web Site at the 2009 Annual QCNA Newspaper Awards

The Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph has won First Place for Best Web Site at this year's 2009 Quebec Community Newspaper Awards held in Montreal on May 22.

The Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph began a web site revitalization project in November 2007 under the direction new publisher Pierre Little.

Dahlgren leaves Quebec art outfit for Saskatchewan

Photo: Kyle Chapman

QCT WINS 1st Place for Best Web Site at the 2009 Annual QCNA Newspaper Awards held in Montreal

Also, 1st Place for Best Newspaper Promotion.

badge.jpgThe Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph has won 1st place for Best Web Site at this years 2009 Quebec Community Newspaper Awards held this year in Montreal on May 22, 2009. The Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph began a web site revitalization project in November 2007 at the direction of the new publisher, Mr. Pierre Little.



McGreevy, Mary

McGreevy, Mary

Death Notice


Death Notice


Funeral Service Announcement - DONOVAN, Mary Isabelle, 1916 - 2009

DONOVAN, Mary Isabelle

1916 - 2009 

St.Pat’s High School students conquer complex art of public speaking during competition

Clara Dagenais2.jpg
Photo: St. Patrick’s High School

Last Tuesday and Wednesday, St.Patrick's High School held its annual public speaking competition for students from Secondary II to V.

All students at these levels were required to write, memorize and deliver a speech in class.

Funding available for new Quebec projects for seniors

Diane Finley, federal minister of human resources and skills development, and Marjory LeBreton,
leader of the government in the senate and minister of state for seniors, yesterday
launched a call for proposals for projects in Quebec under the New Horizons
for Seniors Program.

The federal program is accepting proposals under both its Community

Tuberculosis is back

Tuberculosis is back to haunt us

Not so long ago, one could believe tuberculosis was a thing of the past.

Regrettably, that is no longer true.

As rich countries like ours fight this disease at home, without caring much about its eradication in poor
countries around the world, tuberculosis has now come back to haunt us.

Quebec City police officer helps two lost tourists

I was in and out of Quebec City on a Friday night to see Yanni.

After the show, which was fantastic, Suzanne and myself got really lost.

We asked a cab driver to give us instructions on how to get back to The Clarion on Hochelaga, and he muttered something off, giving us the names of the highways, instead of the numbers.

Elizabeth Seton Center closes after 30 years

Photo: Scott French

The Elizabeth Seton Center has closed its doors after offering the English community 30 years of spiritual solace as a prayer centre and spiritual retreat.

Tucked away among other stately homes on De Bougainville Avenue, the handsome four-storey house housing Elizabeth Seton Center was sold last week after only one week on the market.

Clock may be ticking toward divine retribution

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself," Franklin Delano Roosevelt once said in the dark days of the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Truer words were never spoken.

They ring just as true today.

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