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Coach Alejandro Hasbani is confident that the 2010 season will be an excellent year for the Kebs

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Photo: Joannie Gagne

Following the Footsteps of Immigrants

Grosse Île and the Irish Memorial National Historic Site

Photo: Philippe Gauthier

Death Notice: Mrs. Ana-Maria Girones






Canadian Student Leadership Conference

What is CLSC?

VEQ’s December 3rd Holiday Happy Hour held at the Morrin Centre


Guy Dubois, Jean-Sebastien Gignac and Edward Rutherford


St. Lawrence stages ‘’What the Heck’’ production

Friday, December 4th marked the night of Champlain St. Lawrence's famed ‘'What the Heck'' production, this year gone Hollywood at high school Compagnons de Cartier, Ste-Foy.

Letter to the Editor from Montreal

I have been a reader of your newspaper for a while now. I find it a good read.

The reason I'm writing to you now is simple. Amongst all the effort to supposedly save the French language, I believe that the English language is actually being threatened. And the latest example that inspired me to write this is at one of Montreal's historic sites: Dorchester Square.

Central Quebec School Board students help in a great cause!

Each year schools from the Central Quebec School Board join forces to contribute to the annual Community Christmas Hamper Campaign. Non-perishable food items come streaming in the front door of our schools to help fill nearly 200 hampers that are distributed throughout the English community each Christmas season.

Paganism on dislplay at Musée de la civilisation de Québec

The Musée de la civilisation de Québec (MCQ) and the Canadian Museum of Civilization (CMC) have signed their first partnership agreement to create a uniquely Canadian version of "god(s): A User's Guide".

National Assembly accepts Ukranian famine as genocide

On Wednesday, November 25, 2009 The Québec National Assembly unanimously accepted the introduction of a Bill recognizing the 1932-1933 Famine as Genocide. The bill was introduced by Louise Beaudoin, P.Q. MNA for Rosemont riding. It was received with applause by all parties and official gallery observers!

Hear the Aurian Haller Band play at La Casbah on December 16, at 8 pm


The Aurian Haller Band will be playing at La Casbah on Wednesday, December 16th at 8:00 pm.
La Casbah is adjacent to L'Impérial de Québec. La Casbah, is at 240, rue St-Joseph, Est. Tickets are $10.00.

Memorials and Things of Fame


The QAC does it again

Congratulations to the cast, crew and directors of the Quebec Art Company on their wonderful rendition of South Pacific. What a delightful way to spend a Sunday afternoon in December!

Colleen Bilodeau

South Pacific, “what a great show”

My son Michael-John and I attended the matinée performance of South Pacific. What a great show! Our thanks to all of you fine actors. I especially noted the singing and the zaniness of a cast that were enjoying themselves. M-J was so impressed that he now wants to join the Quebec Art Company's next performance.

Ed Blais

What is Christmas really all about?

Christmas is not just about decorations and the giving of presents, although these are nice. Christmas is about Jesus Christ coming to this earth over 2000 years ago.

Higher voter turnout improves democracy

Canada will have a great opportunity to improve its democratic process and the electoral turnout rate during the next federal elections.

Indeed, during the ballot, the Government will again have the opportunity to consult Canadians on several major issues.

Quebec Government Set to Initiate Public Debate on the “Right to Die”

The Quebec government has agreed to open public debate on the so-called "right to die," by establishing a non-partisan ad hoc commission mandated to seek public and expert opinion on the issue.

“Sovereignists want Québec to defy Supreme Court ruling on Bill 104”

In Montreal a downtown rally last month kicked off "a vast campaign of public mobilization" designed to pressure the Quebec National Assembly to declare it will defy an Oct. 22 decision on English-language schooling in Quebec handed down by Canada's highest court, prominent Quebec nationalist Mario Beaulieu said ... The court declared Bill 104 unconstitutional.

We really need your help! Christmas Hamper Campaign Update

As you probably know, your Community Christmas Hamper Campaign has now switched into high gear. Fund raising events are going forward, food is being ordered, boxes of non perishable items are starting to fill up around town and many of you have already sent in generous donations to campaign headquarters.

Supreme Court of Canada rules class actions not the appropriate procedure to quash municipal by-laws

A deeply-divided Supreme Court of Canada recently held that a class action is not an appropriate procedure to challenge the validity of a municipal by-law in a ruling that may have an impact for all common law provinces even though the decision dealt with the Quebec provincial regime for class action authorization.

Michael Ignatieff gave speech at Université Laval


New Mystery Photos no. 2


This week’s mystery photos, offered by Diane Kameen at Jeffery Hale, feature an oil painting of a woman, hanging in the Jeffery Hale boardroom for years, who might have been the director of the Jeffery Hale’s nursing school. The photo is possibly a board member or a donor. Please contact Diane Kameen at 418-684-5333 ext 1552

New Mystery Photos no. 1


This week’s mystery photos, offered by Diane Kameen at Jeffery Hale, feature an oil painting of a woman, hanging in the Jeffery Hale boardroom for years, who might have been the director of the Jeffery Hale’s nursing school. The photo is possibly a board member or a donor. Please contact Diane Kameen at 418-684-5333 ext 1552

Olympic Torch carried through Base Valcartier this past week

Photo: Imagery team CFB Valcartier

The olympic torch continues its way west toward the 2010 games in Vancouver after making stops last week in the Old City and at the Valcartier military base.

The torch then made stops in Trois Rivieres, Drummondville and Sherbrooke, among other Quebec locales this week before heading to the Montreal area.

German Christmas Market in better location this year


Three days of festivities, including three concerts, helped draw strong attendance to the second German Christmas Market, held last weekend at the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity.

Simons Family’s Tourny fountain gift is being repaired

Tourny_Fountain3color.jpgThe famous Tourny fountain, donated by Peter Simons in 2007 to mark the celebration of the city's 400th anniversary, is in need of repairs.

South Pacific waves goodbye

Photo: Ladd Johnson

Humorous take on NHL Suspensions

Suspension Chart.gif

I, like many, find suspensions and discipline in the National Hockey League to be highly incosistent and, frankly, confusing. Happily, one of my friends showed my this helpful guide. 

VIDEO REPORT - Saturday Nov. 28 at 12:30 Free Internet and Computer Seminar for the Community at Cegep St. Lawrence


Here is video snapshot of the class.  Hope you come next time it is announced. Please call 418-650-1764 to register or email [email protected] 




Tis’ the Season for Learning!

Here are 10 family literacy tips and activities to warm the winter holidays

Winter holidays provide an excellent opportunity for families and friends to spend time together learning and practicing literacy skills.

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