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Good Friday Event at Chalmers-Wesley on rue Sainte-Ursule


Join us this Good Friday as we Walk with the Cross through Vieux Québec. Congregations from Chalmers-Wesley, église St. Pierre, St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, St. Michael's, and Holy Trinity will meet at Chalmers-Wesley at 6:30 for the first part of the Passion Narrative from the Gospel of John. We will then walk to St. Andrew's for the second part, and finish up at Holy Trinity.

Caligula, the lost soul


Caligula by Albert Camus will be performed by the theatre troupe at Cégep Champlain St. Lawrence on the last weekend of March. This play, originally written in 1938, is still very relevant and is experiencing a surge in popularity these days.

"Men die...and they are not happy."

Sea of Green Invades St-Patrick’s High School


It was that time of year that all of St-Patrick's High School students were waiting for. St-Patrick's Day is no ordinary day for students at St-Pat's. On March 17, St-Pat's hosted its very first edition of the Irish Olympics where all levels competed against each other through different games such as Irish Idol, relay races, scavenger hunts, tug of war as well as musical chairs.

Memorials and Things of Fame


Défi Holland Challenge Road Race

A new road race will make its debut this spring on Quebec City's running calendar. Défi Holland Challenge, featuring a 5K and 2K race will be held on Sunday, May 16.

The run, organized by the Friends of Holland School Foundation, will offer something for all members of the family.

English community apprehension in Montreal

Last Saturday while tens of thousands of Quebec public-sector workers took to the streets of Montreal demanding a fair shake from the government, hundreds also marched with pride in a St-Patrick's Day parade as part of Quebec City's heritage.

Saint-Lawrence closes out regular season

Photo: Courtesy of SLC

After a string of 17 consecutive wins and claiming two collegiate showcase championships in November and December, the Saint Lawrence Lions Hockey team played through a recent mid-season slump, posting a less than impressive 9-5 record.

Morrin Centre using its imagiNation

Neil Bissoondath, a noted writer of fiction, and an outspoken critic of Canada's system of multiculturalism who now lives in Quebec City, and Quebec-born comic book author Guy Deslisle will be among the 12 Canadian authors featured April 7-11 at ImagiNation 2010, a writers festival at the Morrin Centre, 44 chaussée des Écossais.

Performing Arts Festival arrives at CQSB

Continuing to move up, the Central Québec School Board's annual high school Performing Arts Festival this year is moving out. The high school edition of the festival will take place March 31 at 7 p.m. at Le Centre Montmartre, 1669, Ch. St-Louis.

The elementary festival will take place Friday, April 9 at Everest Elementary School, 2280 rue Laverdière.

Morrin Centre receives new grants for renovations

Photo: Courtesy of Morrin Centre

The Morrin Centre continues to inch its way toward completing the funding needed to finish renovating the former jail cells and chemistry lab at its Chaussee des Ecossais location.

"The good news," said Centre Director Simon Jacobs, "is I should hear from the outstanding partners in the near future."

Saint-Patrick’s Day Parade brings out the city’s green

Huge crowds.jpg
Photo: Jay Ouellet

Green balloons dotted the route along Rue Saint-Jean, where later Saturday, green-clad spectators, many with their faces bearing shamrocks, watched the official return of the city's Saint-Patrick's Day parade.

St. Patrick's Day Parade [Video]

Patronization and Self-Adulation are Overdone

O dear! Just when it seemed that there were good and positive things to say about being Canadian (solid banking system, international involvement in Afghanistan and Haiti, credible showing at Winter Olympics) along comes the 10 March issue of the QC-T with two unseemly chest-thumping (dare I say ‘ugly Canadian'?) diatribes.

Medicare user fees

Once again we are starting to hear about problems with our health care system. People dying because of waiting lists and people being neglected in hallways. Sad but true. It's a good system, it just has a few bugs or "viruses" if you prefer.

Rendez-vous Naval 2010 being held June 3rd to 6th

Photo: Lt(N) Renaud Carpentier

A wine and cheese Party was held recently in the entrance hall of the Musée de la civilisation for the benefit of the second edition of the Rendez-vous naval de Québec scheduled to take place from June 3 to June 6.

Celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day

After reading about the St-Patrick's Day parade in the Chronicle-Telegraph that is coming up this Saturday in Quebec City, I inscribed the date and the route in my agenda. I'll surely be out there along Saint Jean Street with my camera and wearing whatever green I can find.

St. Patrick’s Day and drinking and driving

On March 17th everyone is Irish, and green will be seen throughout Canadian cities. However, St. Patrick's Day can be a dangerous holiday due to the large number of impaired drivers on the road.

Bill 104 and Anglo complacency

I was delighted to read the March 10, 2010, Canwest News Wire press release of the Quebec English School Boards Association (QESBA). The association is planning to put up "billboards across the four corners of the province - from Bas St. Laurent to the North Shore up to Abitibi and down through Gatineau" promoting the English schools of Quebec.

Former-QCT editor appointed new Director at CEDEC

Photo: Ken Schankler

Michèle Thibeau spent 10 years working for the Chronicle-Telegraph, not realizing it was providing the perfect background for her latest endeavour.

"I spent almost a decade of my life learning the community," Thibeau, 40, said, later adding, "This job is a little more concrete... It's taking those contacts and bringing people around the table."

Memorials and Things of Fame


Congrats to Marianna

I am in Florida six months a year. I miss St. Patrick's Day immensely. I don't know if you know me but I used to sing in the pubs in Quebec, such as the Liquor store, the Vauxbraugh House and in earlier years La Brassery La Meunery. I worked at St. Brigid's Home for twenty-three years.

St-Vincent School and the 2010 Olympics

Olympic village 2010.jpg

St-Vincent School caught the Olympic fever this year. Class 403 made a snowman village representing the 2010 Winter Olympics. Every student made a different snowman, dressed up according to one of the olympic sports and each holding a different country flag.

From Book Fair to Bursaries

Over the years the members of the English-Speaking Community of the Greater Quebec City Region have been generous in donating their books to the used-book sale the Quebec City Women's Club runs on the last Saturday of October. This has become a huge community event. It provides a venue for old friends to touch base with each other and for new arrivals to meet English-Speaking Quebecers.

St. Pat’s High recognized for recycling project

morgan 010.jpg
Photo: Debra Shea

On February 16, 2010 St. Patrick's High School was awarded a $1000 prize from the Green Apple Projects foundation of Metro. The school was recognized for their community recycling project. This project involves the entire school community by having all students and staff members partake in the collection and separation of recyclable products within the school.

City ready for return of St-Patrick’s Day parade

St. Patrick's Day Route.png

All systems are go for Saturday's revival of the St-Patrick's Day parade. Organisers of the event say the parade will be the first in over 80 years.
Parade Grand Marshal and local historian Marianna O'Gallagher, though, said the city continued to be home to St-Patrick's Day parades into the 1950s, long after what is considered by many to be the official last parade.

Slippery slope towards excellence

Whereas I was pleased to see that my previous letter (March 3) stimulated reflection, I am not certain that Peter Stuart (March 10) quite understood my primary point vis-à-vis the interest in Olympic medals - namely that my comments were meant to be a warning and not a criticism.

Daylight Savings?

I have a question for the readership.
Should we talk of Daylight Saving Time or Daylight Savings Time?

I have always thought "Daylight Saving" was the accepted form, for what seems an obvious reason, but increasingly I hear "Daylight Savings" creeping in, especially from Sherbrooke on "Quebec A.M."

O’Gradys honored at 44th Shannon Irish Show


Larry Hamilton has known Ellen and Gene O'Grady since they moved to Shannon from Limoilou with their then-young family just over 30 years ago and seen up close the couple give their energy to the community time and time again.

The Bellshrine of St. Patrick

Commissioned by Domnall MacLochlainn, High King of Ireland , between A.D. 1091 - 1105



Life of Saint Patrick can be read here


Clog-an-eadbacta Phatraic
A Social History of Ancient Ireland
P.W. Joyce 1903

Excerpts from Les Annales de l’Asile du bon-Pasteur de Québec on St. Patrick’s Day of old in Québec City

Another entry of our Annals is dated March 17th, 1875: This year, as in other years, we had an order for banners, decorations, etc. for the Irish feast day.

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