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Tainted food warning

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and Metro Inc. are warning people with allergies to milk or egg not to consume Selection brand Iced Chocolatey Donuts. The affected product contains milk and egg which are not declared on the label.

Federal government pledges financial support toward organic waste treatment system for Quebec City

Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Josee Verner has pledged the federal government's financial support toward the construction of an organic waste treatment system in Quebec City.

In Canada, charter right in jeopardy, Freedom of Religion and “Reasonable Accommodation” is not the same thing

It saddens me to read that France again is moving against Muslims who are choosing to wear the Niqab. It is hypocritical that this ban is being done in the name of women's rights when the majority of oppression against women is ignored.

AMI-Quebec Action on mental illness

AMI-Quebec's free tele-workshop and tele-support group for English speaking caregivers dealing with mental illness in a loved one are now available from the comfort of your home "How to communicate so that your message gets across" will be presented in English February 24, 2010 from 7-8 pm. Dr. Perry Adler, psychologist, will be the speaker March 24, from 7-8 pm, Dr.

Autism treatment comes naturally for “Effervescence” author

Simone Bio Photo.jpg
Photo: Ken Schankler

Simone Brenneman has taken a unique approach to raising autistic children.

"Many treatments focus on trying to make the autistic child normal," Brenneman, a mother of four, said. But the way she sees it, you have to go with what makes the afflicted feel comfortable. "I'm not saying don't use (those treatment methods).

Dementia in Canada: Important work on hold while Stephen Harper shuts down Parliament

Stephen Harper's decision to shut down Parliament in a secretive, undemocratic gesture on December 30th has generated a lot of discontent among Canadians.

Québec City Kebs play double whammy

Saturday provided a double whammy for the Quebec City Kebs, who not only lost a heartbreaker to the Maryland Greenhawks in the season's first meeting between the two teams, but also saw centre Jonas Pierre go down for the season during what has become a difficult road trip for the locals.

78th Fraser Highlanders celebrate Robbie Burns with traditional Scottish Haggis

Robbie Burns 251st birthday party at the Garrison Club on rue St-Louis was again a success, despite the fact that the guest of honor was again absent.

"We had 56 people and they enjoyed the party," said Ted Gunn of the 78th Fraser Highlanders. "People had a good time. We did things a little differently.We had different people doing different things."

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Former QCT contributor dies in Earthquake in Haiti

Photo: Courtesy of United Nations

"He always had a smile on his face."

Plains of Abraham - battlefield for Québec’s nationalist seperatism

The sun was setting on the Plains of Abraham. As I prepare to sit down near a Martello Tower, I heard muffled voices on a loud speaker. I knew the 120 readings from Quebec history was happening, but I had only fleeting thoughts about attending the controversial ceremony. Curiousity drew me in, and I gingerly approached the dell where the podium was located.

Québec City Jazz artists raise money for Haiti

Thirty jazz artists and poets gathered Monday night at the Largo restaurant on Rue St. Joseph, raising $3,000 that will go to help victims of the earthquake in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The funds will be turned over to Oxfam Quebec, a membre of the Human Coalition, for distribution in Haiti.

More troop deployment to Haiti from Base Valcartier

A new, smaller contingent of soldiers from the Canadian Forces base at Valcartier left for Haiti this week to fortify the Canadian Forces effort toward helping that country recover from this month's devastating earthquake.

Haiti donations will be tax deductible

Mechanisms will be set up to enable those Quebecers who so wish to deduct, in their 2009 tax return, donations of money made from January 12 to February 28, 2010, to charities to assist victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

Québec City artist James Cameron


Shirley Nadeau correctly identified James Cameron, a member of the congregation at Chalmers-Wesley,  cabinetmaker, furniture restorer and photographer, as the artist pictured in last week’s Mystery Photo.

Deaf to the needs of the Anglophone education sector

As a retired teacher of English at the senior level, permit me a perspective on the recent news concerning the final English matriculation exam. First though, it is significant to know that this problem is nothing new - it's 22 years old. Let me elaborate.

California festival features Québec films

The Santa Barbara International Film Festival will mark its 25th anniversary next week with a special sidebar featuring more than a dozen films during a sidebar entitled "Focus on Quebec," including the latest effort from the director of the internationally acclaimed "Horloge Biologique."

Healthcare wait times are are not humane

The Wait Time Alliance has added the Canadian Association of Paediatric Surgeons as its 14th member.

Quebec City home sales up 2% over same period last year

Sales rose by three percent in 2009 in the provincial real estate market in 2009. Overall, there were a total of 79,185 MLS(R) sales transactions, according to the Quebec Federation of Real Estate Boards.

Finding care for mental illness

Dealing with mental illness can be difficult enough. Finding care for it can be doubly so.

"Sometimes it's difficult to know which way to turn," says Blanche Moskovici, an Ami-Québec Support Councillor, responsible for coordinating the English community support network outside of Montreal.

Haiti’s Agony

Reading the stories and seeing the heartbreaking images in the media about the calamitous humanitarian disaster in Haiti is indeed humbling.

Quebecers donate to World Vision

Quebecers have so far contributed over $406,291 to World Vision's efforts to support the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

Donors in Quebec sponsor 1,249 children in Haiti through World Vision. Staff in Haiti are working around the clock to ensure the safety of these children.

Continentalism and Québec Sovereignty

I often ask myself the question: What earthly good do the Parti Québécois and the Bloc Québécois think they're doing within the context of today's post-modern political landscape?

Loss of life in Haiti is immense

Photo: Ken Schankler

Marcel Auguste feels lucky that his numerous nieces and nephews still living in Haiti survived last week major earthquake, surviving as they are with major hardship from what he termed a "natural phenomenon."

"It's a natural phenomenon," the retired CEGEP Ste-Foy professor, 78, said. "It's not specific to Haiti."

McGOLDRICK, Huguette.

McGOLDRICK, Huguette.

In Quebec City, on January 15 2010, died peacefully after a long illness, Huguette Clément, wife of C. Robert McGoldrick and mother of Lisa (Dominique André Demers) and Paul (Marie-Claude Matte)

Ethanol: What about starving populations?

Newspapers reported last week that the federal government ordered a study of the environmental impact of making ethanol and biodiesel. The main reason for that study was evidence of harmful environmental effects from ethanol plants and amid growing criticism of biofuel technology.


Irish Moutarde spreads folklore the modern way

"The whole thing is Irish, whether it's folklore or songs by Irish rock bands. There's not a lot of people who know the Irish music."

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Parks Canada announces investment in Quebec City’s fortifications

Jim Prentice, Canada's Environment Minister and Minister responsible for Parks Canada, has announced major investments in the Fortifications of Quebec National Historic Site. This announcement is part of Canada's Economic Action Plan.

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