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Authority...who has it?

"I believe in God, the Father almighty, creator of heaven and earth.... I believe in the holy catholic Church." So says the Creed.

Cardinal Ouellet vs. The Pro-Abortion Media

Some journalists have attacked Cardinal Marc Ouellet for his anti-abortion speeches at two recent events (the National March for Life in Ottawa, and the conference in Quebec City organized by Campagne Québec-Vie).

YPI Charity winner announced

The charity winner of the YPI program which was instituted this year at St. Patrick's High School is "SQUAT".

Is Charest listening to complaints of overcrowding?

Surely I am not the only one to catch the irony of the May 13, editorial of The Gazette "

Anglo leaders speak up - is Charest listening?" and on the same day the West Island Gazette front-page article: "French school land deal angers anglo board?"

Our community newspaper

I just got done reading four of your April newspapers that were given to me by one of your subscribers. I met a long-time member of the English community at my place of work, the Coopérative Funéraire des Deux Rives. I am new to the area as I moved to Québec in October of 2006 to learn French.

AAESQ - QESBA Spring Conference attracts 300 people

The Association of Administrators of English Schools of Quebec (AAESQ) and the Quebec English School Boards Association (EQSBA) Spring Conference was held in Mont Tremblant last weekend. Every year, the conference gives to commissioners and administrators of English schools the opportunity to meet during three days to assist to conferences and exchange ideas.

QHS fashion show gives students a chance to shine

Photo: Claudia Kedney

They learn while they model the latest fashions, all the while raising funds used to benefit their fellow students.

"It's more we're on stage and we're having fun," said Kate Nadeau, a special needs teacher who doubles as the faculty advisor to the Quebec High School students that produce an annual fashion show, held recently at the high school.

NEIL, Olive, Clara 1917-2010

NEIL, Olive, Clara

An admirable defense

Captain Giffen's admirable defense (CT-May 12-De Gaulle's Bum Rap) of the heroic soldiers of France defending their homeland from Nazi Germany in 1940, unfortunately, completely overlooks the fact that in September 1939, after declaring war on Germany, France's politicians and generals, ignoring calls from Poland where the bulk of the German army was engaged in the savage destruction of the countr

Newsie Notes for May 19, 2010

Betty's Quilters will be having their annual quilt show on Sunday May 30,2 010 from 9am to 3pm at the St Gabriel de Valcartier Municipal Center, 1743 Boul. Valcartier, St-Gabriel-de-Valcartier. For information call Bev at

Stoneham resident wins Hope Scholarship Award

Mikaël Grenier, was awarded the 2010 Hope Scholarship from the Friends of the Grand Prix of Trois-Rivieres committee. The 17-year-old professional race car driver from Stoneham is currently racing for Andersen Racing in the 2010 Star Mazda Championship series in North America.

Memorials and Things of Fame for May 19, 2010


Plaque must be in proper location

There is nothing puzzling about Irish Heritage Quebec's stand with regard to the 78th Fraser Highlanders organization's plaque installed on St. Patrick's High School. Irish Heritage Quebec wants the plaque removed to another venue for the following reasons:

DDO students sing along at coffeehouse

The fifth annual Dollard des Ormeaux Coffeehouse was held this past Friday at the school. The performers varied from Kindergarten to Secondary V and even a teacher contributed a song.

QHS Flea Market raises money for grad award

Photo: Pauline Moisy

The Quebec High School cafeteria was transformed Saturday into a flea market. From 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., members of the Parent Participation Organisation (PPO) sold items donated by teachers and students' parents during the previous week. Toys, knick-knacks, books, CDs, bicycles, all for sale to raise money for the school.

“LOST” - 8pm One night only May 20, 2010 at Cineplex St-Foy, 1200 Boulevard Duplessis


The New York Times presents Times Talks “LOST”

Irish Heritage Québec continues effort to move St-Pat’s plaque [photo]


St. Patrick’s High School displays  plaque commemorating the 78th Fraser Highlanders participation in the Battle of the Plains of Abraham.  Irish Heritage Québec would like the plaque moved to an alternate location.


English parents group concerned about rights

Vive Parental Choice 002color.jpg

The English Parents' Committee Association is concerned that the Quebec government will follow the recommendation of the Conseil Supérieur de la langue française and invoke the notwithstanding clause that will again restrain accessibility to our English schools.

Board chairman statement out of line

The Quebec government is expected to make a decision quite soon concerning the access to English schools matter - the Bill 104 issue.

Canadian Forces in Netherlands celebration

A Canadian Forces contingent participated Sunday in the 65th Anniversary of the Liberation of the Netherlands with a parade in Apeldoorn.

It was in April 1945 that members of 1st Canadian Corps liberated the city of Apeldoorn from Axis forces. The operation, which lasted seven days, resulted in 506 casualties for the Canadians while at the same time capturing over 2,500 German soldiers.

Les Capitales hold open tryouts

Mark Jamescolor.jpg

Max Poulin was a shortstop on the move when he arrived at Stade Municipal for a tryout with Les Capitales about a decade ago.

Failing to catch on here, he went on the road to look for a job, finally landing in Winnipeg, where his defensive ability earned him a reputation as a solid ballplayer with a a long career with the Winnipeg Goldeneyes of the Northern League.

St-Pat’s Science Fair

Robotics Picturecolor.jpg

St. Patrick's High School has been particularly busy in the science department as students participated in the robotics competition held at the Musee de la Civilization on April 29. Raphael Beaulieu, Charles Catta, Alex Gordon, and Thomas Gordon represented St. Pat's at the third edition of the RECIT Robotics Competition.

Memorials and Things of Fame for May 12, 2010


Bruce Hicks wins the Moe Rosenhek Award

Bruce Hicks has been named winner of the Moe Rosenhek Award for his outstanding contribution to volunteerism within Québec's English-speaking community.

The signs of summer

Is it mid May already?

Will the Roman Catholic Church, which is world wide, crumble from criticisms of the Post-Modern Liberal Democratic Secular Consu

We all hear in the popular media about scandals in the Roman Catholic Church and how out of touch this organization supposedly is with today's world: It doesn't let priests marry, it won't ordain women, and it won't morally approve of homosexuality and gay marriage. Boy, is it ever out of touch with reality, eh?

Rahim Jaffer’s corporate welfare habit

Regardless of what one thinks about Rahim Jaffer's post-Parliament activities, or his recent testimony about assertions he improperly lobbied former colleagues, few people have noted an obvious point: someone first elected as a fiscally conservative Reform MP in 1997 was eagerly going after millions of dollars in taxpayer money.

YPI St-Pat’s Initiative

The Youth and Philanthropy Initiative of The Free the Children Network was incorporated into St-Patrick's High School Secondary Four Advisory program during the 2009 -2010 school year. YPI (for short) is an international initiative designed to support young people in developing community awareness.

Newsie Notes for May 12, 2010

Clothing, purses and jewelry will be among the items available at the Saint Bridget Guild Spring Sale Saturday in Saint Charles Garnier Church Hall from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Champlain St-Lawrence College Awards its top Athletes at the Annual Sports Banquet

CEGEP_St. Lawrence Athletecolor.jpg
Photo: Martin Beaumont

Champlain St- Lawrence honored its top athletes on Thursday evening during it's annual sports banquet. Many athletes were given awards for their academic performance as well as their athletic performances.

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