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Revisiting “closed” debates

Monseigneur Ouellet's recent comments and letters in the press have drawn some heavy criticism from commentators and citizens, and personal attacks by Facebook groups, referring to him as being a "primate."

Learning from history

As any high school student knows, the reason we study history is that if we are to move ahead intelligently, we must look back first. Let's look back at one aspect of the Bill 104, Bill 103 matter - the petitions by parents calling for parental choice regarding the right of entry to English schools.

Canada, so be it

On the eve of Canada Day, eight years ago, I draped my Maple Leaf Flag from my balcony and figured, "Well that's it, I've done my duty as a Canadian citizen." That same evening I saw Canada in a different light, through music.

Thanks to a kind Canadian soldier, I received two tickets to attend the concert of the Royal 22nd Regiment Band at the Citadel in Quebec.

Thank you and a clarification

We want to thank the QCT's intern Pauline Moisy for taking the time to come out and visit CEDEC and for listening to our plans for one of our activities this year. It is always great to be able to promote our initiatives in our local newspaper.

Newsie Notes for June 30, 2010

Canada Day Picnic, St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Valcartier invites you to our annual picnic Thursday,July 1 at the Valcartier Community Centre at 3 p.m. Races! Euchre! Canteen! Bake Table! Fish Pond! Come and join the fun!

The Katimavik Reunion will be held on Saturday, September 3, 2011 in Quebec City, location TBA.

English change ringing at Holy Trinity

Every Saturday during the months of July and August and possibly extending until mid-September, there will be demonstrations of English Change Ringing at the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity.

New electoral officers appointed

Marcel Blanchet, Chief Electoral Officer of Québec, has announced that 28 returning officers were appointed on June 16 and 21 of this year. In each electoral division the returning officer carries out all of the activities related to the holding of an election or a referendum and sees to the application of the laws administered by the Chief Electoral Officer.

VEQ seeks participants in twinning program

The Voice of English-speaking Quebec is looking for both English and French-speaking individuals and families interested in twinning with an individual or a family from the opposite community to interact and share their language and culture.

CQSB budget delayed until August 20

Short by one day of proper official notice, the Central Quebec School Board has delayed until Aug. 20 the adoption of its 2010-2011 budget.

The official notice was published June 15, meaning that Monday's meeting occurred only 14 days after the notice appeared in the proper publications.

International Space Station over Québec; Watched in Awe [Photo]

ISS JUNE 26 2010 b.jpg

Photo: Jay Ouellet.  This was an open shutter multi-seconds exposure photograph.  The International Space Station rose in spectacular fashion over Quebec City on June 26th, passing between Saturn and Mars and over the Quebec Bridge, the largest cantilever bridge in the world.


Valcartier accident injures soldier

A light armoured vehicle rolled over during a driver-training exercise in the Valcartier Garrison training sector, slightly injuring one serviceman at 10:35 a.m. on June 28, 2010.

The soldier with minor injuries was airlifted to a hospital located in the city.

An emergency response team was dispatched to the Lac à la Voile area to help troops there with the incident.

Afghanistan death toll rises to 150

Photo: DDO

The death toll for Canadian Forces soldiers killed in Afghanistan now stands at 150.

Two Canadian soldiers were killed when the vehicle they were travelling in as part of a convoy struck an improvised explosive device. The incident occurred about 20 kilometres southwest of Kandahar City, in the Panjwa'i District at approximately 11 a.m. Kandahar time Saturday.

CQSB coming to grips with Bill 100

Photo: QCT File Photo

School boards throughout the province, among them the Central School Board, must cut 10 percent in administrative costs and 25 percent for travel, training and publicity, by the 2013-14 school year under the provisions of Bill 100 passed June 12 by the National Assembly.

‘'By 2013-14, we have to be back to budget zero,'' said CQSB Chairman Stephen Burke.

The 2010 Québec Air Show attracts 107,000 visitors [Photo & Video]

Photo: Jay Ouellet - Skip Stewart and his Prometheus Custom Stunt Bi-plane perform a death defying ribbon cutting stunt amazingly close to the ground!

Canada Day Events Notice

Unfortunately Canada Day events have been scaled back this year due to lack of funding from Heritage Canada.  There will be no fireworks or concert.  Family daytime events will take place on the Plaines of Abraham and will end at 5 P.M.

Going back to sea with Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition



The recreated third class cabin is not to be missed when visiting “Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition”. Photo courtesy of the Festival d’été de Quebec


Ste-Foy Elementary inaugurates new playground


Photo: Pauline Moisy - CQSB Council of Commissioners chairmain Stephen Burke and a student from Ste Foy Elementary school inaugurated the new playground last Friday. The $100,000 new playground is entirely made of recycled materials. The money required to achieve the project was collected with the help of parents and corporate donors, like the Caisse Desjardins de Ste Foy.

Correction - QHS Sec 1 to 5 2010 Award Winners

Last week's awards list was from 2009. We apologise for the error

Sec 1
Most Improved in Academics
Cindy Truong

Sec 1
Proficiency in Mathematics
Ngo Duc Minh Hoang

Sec 1
Most Improved in Mathematics
Maude Emond

Sec 1
Proficiency in Geography
Sophie Connaughton

Sec 1
Proficiency in English
Edward Smith

Memorials and Things of Fame for June 23, 2010


The Morning Chronicle


"You should have seen the one that got away," is a favorite expression of casting, trolling and fly fishermen. When I started fishing, I did not have to use that phrase, because none got away.

CEDEC develops new project to help senior workers

Photo: Pauline Moisy

The Community Economic Development and Employability Corporation (CEDEC) has started a new project to help workers over 55 to get back into the job market. The organization, which aims at "strengthening local economies and employability of the English-speaking community," works as an intermediary between individuals and service providers.

Calèche horse collapses in apparent exhaustion

I have just returned from a vacation in Quebec City and would like to know how the calèche horses are protected?

Plaque dispute needs resolution

In last week's QCT issue (June 16), CQSB Chairperson Stephen Burke makes the point that it never occurred to the CQSB that the installation of the 78th Fraser Highlanders plaque on St. Patrick' High School would be an affront to anyone.

Newsie Notes for June 23, 2010

Canada Day Picnic, St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Valcartier invites you to our annual picnic Thursday,July 1 at the Valcartier Community Centre at 3 p.m. Races! Euchre! Canteen! Bake Table! Fish Pond! Come and join the fun!

The Katimavik Reunion will be held on Saturday, September 3, 2011 in Quebec City, location TBA.

Combat engineer 148th soldier to die in Afghanistan

Photo: DOD

The number of Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan since operations began in 2002 now stands at 148, with the death Monday morning of a soldier based in Petawawa, Ontario.

Gatineau university student videos Québec history


Olivier Hyland has his eye on Quebec history. His video camera does, too.

"I guess they put me here because Quebec City is at the center of it all,'' said Hyland, who hails from Gatineau. "When I took the test to get the job, they asked me where I preferred to work. I told them I would work anywhere in Quebec.''

The future of the Métis lighthouse could be decided this summer

Photo: Pauline Moisy

Historian Alexander Reford was the featured speaker at a talk held at the Morrin Centre last Thursday on the Métis lighthouse. He presented different issues related to the lighthouse's future, after giving some historical facts about the building which is located 360 kilometres from Quebec City.

Grand Rire Internet Ticket Contest

Thank you for the great response. We had to close off entries at 3:20 pm in order to draw the winning names and provide the winners of the tickets with details so they could claim them or forfeit out of inconvenience. Tickets are non-cash refundable and non-exchangeable and must be used on the date of the tickets.

The 2010 Québec Air Show attracts 107,000 visitors

Photo: Jay Ouellet
With the thermometer at 24 degrees on Saturday, it might have been a good day to go swimming in the nearest lake.

But then the 107,000 people in attendance would have missed the 15th edition of the Quebec Air Show which took place at Jean Lesage Airport.

Lucille Wagner O’Connell 1921 - 2010

Lucille Wagner O’Connell
1921 - 2010
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