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Metro warehouse on strike

Metro Inc. is using contingency plans to supply its Quebec City area super markets following a "surprise" walkout last week by 180 union employees at its Newton Street warehouse. The union representing workers says the strike occurred only after the employees were locked out.

St. Pat’s lineman honoured


A 16-year-old student-athlete at St. Patrick's High School has survived the third of cuts in the competition to represent Quebec in the Canada Football Cup this month in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Excellence wins ex-Quebec man a Sherratt Award

Photo: Courtesy of Holmes Creative Communications

Quebec City native Joël Poitras Gagnon has been named a winner of the Fred Sherratt Award this year.

The annual award is given to 12 post-secondary students from various music schools across Canada for outstanding achievement in music and music industry programs.

Jeffery Hale: A well-known figure in Quebec City history

Photo: Courtesy of Jeffery Hale Hospital

Jeffery Hale's name is well known in Quebec City, but few people know much about the man himself. Everyone who knew the man personally is long dead and Hale died a bachelor in November 1864. But his generosity and benevolence are plain to see.

Quebec City Tourism Guide July 2, 2009, Vol. 6, no. 6

  A newsletter from Québec City Tourism
July 2, 2009, Vol. 6, no. 6
Image Mill –2009 Edition
Return of the 400th Anniversary's Feature Attraction

Expect many surprises in the 2009 edition! Spanning four centuries, the Image Mill tells the story of Québec City's past through the use of four themes: water (Québec City's discovery and exploration), earth (when the land was cleared for occupation and agriculture), railroad (industrialization and the rise of rail transportation's popularity) and air (the era of hot air balloons, planes and communications).

Images are projected on the Bunge grain silos, which form a 600 metre wide by 30 metre high screen: the equivalent of 25 IMAX screens!

The City of Québec will be creating an area with reserved seating on the Noah wharf, behind the Espace 400e pavilion. Tickets are available on the Billetech network.

Sylvie Walter
Office du tourisme de Québec
418-641-6654, # 5482
[email protected]
Image Mill.

Following the Invisible Roads
There are three simultaneous departure points from which spectators can experience Les chemins invisibles™, Cirque du Soleil®'s travelling show created exclusively for Québec City.

Follow along behind of the tribes: Brumes, Brasiers, Sables and Embarrassants to the Jardin des desolations (garden of desolation). All of the artists and spectators will gather at the Îlot Fleurie, under the Dufferin-Montmorency highway in the Basse-Ville.

The show will be held every weekday evening in summer, from June 24 to Labour Day weekend.

Sylvie Walter
Office du tourisme de Québec
418-641-6654, # 5482
[email protected]

Discover Québec City just like Jacques Cartier or Samuel de Champlain.
Imagine sailing from the Atlantic Ocean to the fabulous St. Lawrence River and arriving in Québec City. Discover a city that just celebrated its 400th anniversary. Get the European flair just a few hundred miles away from New York or Boston. Many departures are scheduled until October this year; Holland America, Princess Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Lines and Costa feature Québec City, its history, its culture, its nature.

You wish to embark in Québec City and disembark in New York City or even Fort Lauderdale? No problem. These great cruise lines have the right product for you and your clients! Why not stay one or two days in Québec City before or after the cruise?

Martin Lachance
Office du tourisme de Québec
418 641-6654 poste 5423
[email protected]com
Photo : Claudel Huot.

Bus Driver’s Guide
Certain rules apply to bus traffic in the streets of Québec City, especially within the walls of the old city (Vieux-Québec). Bus drivers are invited to read the Guide des chauffeurs d'autobus , which provides all of the information bus drivers need to make their trip to Québec City pleasant and problem-free.

The 2008 guide is available online and remains valid for 2009. Consult it to avoid any inconveniences.

Grande fête de la Côte-de-Beaupré
The second edition of the Grande fête de la Côte-de-Beaupré will take place from September 4-7, 2009. Singer Claude Dubois will be performing his new show called Dubois, revu et incorrigible accompanied by piano and violin at the Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré basilica. He will be joined onstage by the forty or so vocalists that make up the Arc-en-Sons choir.

In addition to the conference, the festival features a public market with about 30 exhibitors selling food products from the Québec City area and Charlevoix. Visitors will also be able to appreciate local art in La place des arts. Finally, a fireworks show is sure to delight both the young and young at heart.

The Grande Fête was one of the official events of Québec City's 400th anniversary festivities last year, attracting nearly 30 000 visitors.

Sébastien Thibodeau
418-827-3782, # 2112
[email protected]
The Grande Fête de la Côte-de-Beaupré’s organizing committee.

Quebec Festival of Sacred Music
The 13th edition of the Quebec Festival of Sacred Music will take place from October 22 to November 1, 2009 at the Saint-Roch church, Palais Montcalm and the Musée de l'Amérique française chapel. Renowned artists from Germany, England, China, Croatia, Spain, the United States, Greece and Syria will be performing.

From J.S. Bach's Mass in C Minor to Robin Grenon's Suite mariale, spectators are invited on a trip around the world through sacred music.

Featured artists include Alberto Mizrahi, known as the Jewish Pavarotti, Grammy award-winning English choir Stille Antico and talented Spanish vocalist Ana Alcaide. Québec City's four great divas, Marie-Josée Lord, Marianne Fiset, Geneviève Couillard and Renée Lapointe, will also be sharing the stage for the first time.

For more information, click here.

Group reservations are available. Dial 1-866-525-9777.

Hélène Fortier
Festival des musiques sacrées de Québec
1 866-525-9777
[email protected]

The Auberge internationale de Québec Amasses Awards
The Auberge internationale de Québec (AIQ) youth hostel was delighted to receive a number of awards in the last several months.

The AIQ was recently awarded the HI-Canada 2008-2009 Hostel of the Year award for being the most reputed hostel in Canada. It was presented with the award at the annual general meeting held in Toronto.

Moreover, the AIQ is the first hostel in the world to be HI-Quality certified, a certification Hostelling International gives to hostels that, in addition to meeting quality standards, are also a major reference in the network thanks to their quality management and services.

During the last edition of the Grands Prix du tourisme québécois for the Québec City area, Manon Turcotte, the AIQ's service manager, won the tourist supervisor of the year award. Thanks to its cleaning crew, the hostel was also named the cleanest hostel in November by travellers using the online booking site.

Nathalie Turbide
Auberge internationale de Québec
418-694-0950, # 232
[email protected]

Transat Award for Sustainable Tourism
Action Plans d'Eau Plein Air in Saint-Alban, Portneuf, won the gold Transat award for sustainable tourism at the Grands Prix du tourisme québécois national gala.

Among other activities, Action Plans d'Eau Plein Air offers primitive camping, canoeing, kayaking, dinghy rides, a tour of the former hydro-electric power plant and the gorges of Rivière Sainte-Anne, spelunking in the Trou du diable cave, hiking and mountain climbing.

Action plans d'eau — plein air
[email protected]
To the right, Sébastien Perreault, general manager, accepts the award from Michel Lemay, Transat’s Vice-President of Public Affairs and Communications. Photo: APEPA.

A New Way of Seeing Québec City
David Mendel offers a fresh look at Québec City with his beautiful illustrated guide entitled QUEBEC, World Heritage City. It is also available in French (QUÉBEC, ville du patrimoine mondial).

Thanks to its unique approach and excellent content, this guide is a wonderful gift to offer your clients, conference-goers and partners, helping make their stay in Québec City a memorable one. Presented in a practical format, the guide has 128 pages with over 150 stunning pictures.

Éditions Sylvain Harvey

Meet us at the Following Events!
July 17 to 20, 2009
Toronto, ON
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Contact: Hélène Pomerleau

Martin Lachance
Office du tourisme de Québec
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Wendake's Special Summer Events

Summer 2008 493.jpg
Photo: Marie White

Wendake’s Special Summer Attractions

Modified Hours at the Jeffery Hale Emergency

The medical team at the Jeffery Hale wishes to inform Quebec City residents that its emergency will be reducing its opening hours over the next few days due to a  lack of medical resources and vacations being taken during this period.

Quebec City’s Iranian community reacts to recent turmoil in Iran

Photo: Courtesy of an anonymous contributor

As the world turns wide-opened eyes toward Tehran, where clashes and riots have erupted almost every day following the re-election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, many members of Quebec City's Iranian community are expressing profound frustration over the situation in their native country.

Jeffrey Hale gravesite [photo]

Wendake history on display

Photo: Jean-Louis Régis

Thirteen artists will recreate the world in 75 minutes, three nights a week through the end of August, complete with dancing, singing, art and "a special kind of pyrotechnics."

Condos come to Belvedere

Others had fun [photo]

Memorials and Things of Fame

Chronicle Telegraph

Memorials and Things of Fame

Researched and compiled by Catherine Mills Rouleau

July 1, 2009


Special return for ex-Quebecer with Buffalo vocal group

Photo: Farrell Photography, Amherst, NY

Richard Darisse's visit to Quebec this week will be special in many ways.

Crews clean up after big Fete

Photo: Marika Wheeler

The morning after the St-Jean-Baptist Day party in the upper town, streets and green spaces were carpeted with garbage. Crushed beer cans had accumulated against curbs, and broken glass littered the streets.

It's a mess the city sees only once a year and one it has become efficient in cleaning up.

Building language bridges

In 1996, after twelve years of regular service in the Canadian Forces all over this country and abroad, I hung my shingle out as a civilian in this town, quickly finding myself recruited onto the board of Voice of English Speaking Quebec. In those days some members of the province's English community were devoting considerable resources to the "language politics" of the time.

Maurice Tanguay passes the puck in life’s hockey game





Simons family big contributors to Quebec City's economy

From the archives of the Chronicle-Telegraph

"La Maison Simons'" story began when Peter Simons, born in 1785 in Scotland, settled in the Quebec City area on a small farm on Lac Duchesnay (now Lac Beauport) to raise his family of five children. In 1840, one of his sons, 17 year-old John, moved to Quebec City.

Happy Birthday QCT

Happy 245th birthday to the Quebec Chronicle Telegraph and congratulations for this outstanding achievement!
QCT is part of our common heritage and we are proud that the oldest newspaper in North America is still published in our city.
"Longue vie" au QCT!

Michel Gervais, O.C., O.Q., Ph.D
Former Rector of Université Laval

Shopping bag distribution decreases

Four weeks after introducing a five cent charge for single-use grocery bags, Metro grocery stores across Quebec and Ontario (Metro, Metro Plus, Super C and Marché Richelieu) are reporting that 70 per cent fewer bags have been distributed in store, compared against the monthly average. Demand for reusable bags has increased fivefold since June 1, when the fee was implemented.


July 2nd 2009 Candlelight Series : Quebec City’s Jewish History


Thursday July 2nd 2009

Candlelight Series : Quebec City's Jewish History

Garneau students discover new reality in Peru

Pérou 2009 907.JPG
Photo: Émilie Guillot

“Part of my job is making sure this place is included on the beaten path,” new Morrin Centre director

Simon Jacobs strolled into a Tourisme Québec information office and, in his thick London accent, asked where he might visit Quebec City's historic jails. He was directed to the Plains of Abraham - and nowhere else.

Memorials and Things of Fame

Chronicle Telegraph

Memorials and Things of Fame

A funny way to kick off a new era of accountability

It's a funny way to kick off a new era of accountability, the way the Central Quebec School Board is being so hush hush about National Assembly Bill 88, scheduled to be implemented, at least in part, with the issuance of new guidelines July 1.

Quebec City judge honoured with the Order of Quebec

Photo: Cynthia Sheehan

Quebec City Judge Michael Sheehan has received an Order of Quebec in recognition of his work in the area of suicide prevention. Quebec Premier Jean Charest presented the Order, one of 32 given this year, during ceremonies last Thursday. Annually, there are approximately 250 nominees for the Order.

New Cirque du Soleil production opens downtown tonight

Photo: Marika Wheeler

The Cirque du Soleil's free show, Les Chemins Invisibles, opens Wednesday with a main stage beneath the Dufferin-Montmorency overpass on Boulevard Charest augmented by several secondary camp locations in the vicinity.

Francophones being duped by language extremists, says bilingual Québécois

My mother is English-speaking and my father is French-speaking.

Like them and like my grand-parents, I was born in Québec. I was baptised and raised in Québec City. I attended both French and English schools. My friends are both French-speaking and English-speaking Quebecers.

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