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Son of ex-Bulldogs’ star: He was ‘Gentle Joe’

1913 Moran Malone Hall.jpg

He was born the year before his father stopped playing, so he only knows about Joe Malone Sr. from what he's read and heard about the legendary Joe Malone.

"He played hockey with me," said Joe Malone Jr., from Ontario, where he now lives. "But I never really saw him play. He played in Quebec City."

Summer Notes activities and events August 25, 2010

New teacher helps students learn business world ‘hands-on’

Studying the business world in the classroom is one thing; working hands-on in that world is quite another.
A Champlain St. Lawrence College professor with that real world experience is hoping this fall to help students bridge the gap.

New report card delayed until 2011-12

The Central Quebec School Board got a reprieve of sorts last week when the new provincial Minister of Education, Leisure and Sports delayed the implementation of a new report card.

The decision by Minister Line Beauchamp pushed back to 2011-12 the deadline for implementing the new report card, which will be based on essential knowledge rather than competency.

Festibière draws 65,000 to the Old Port

Photo: Festibière Festival Organizers

They had only a few months to prepare and some potential participants were skeptical. Still, the first edition of Le Festibière de Québec was, by all accounts, a rousing success.

"We expected 25,000 people," said festival programmer Sébastien Huot. "We got 65,000."

"New committee ready to face the challenge".

Quebec English Speaking Toastmasters Executive Committee

Quest Club Officers 2010-11 IMG_1996.jpg
Photo: Bobby Fielding

The immediate past president, Sovita Chander, is proud to introduce the new executive committee of the Quebec English Speaking Toastmasters club (QUEST).  These officers will conduct the club business for the next year 2010-2011. “They are dedicated and competent members” she said.

Burke, Ann Elizabeth (nee Rielly) 1921-2010



Burke, Ann Elizabeth (nee Rielly) 1921-2010

Quebec’s Air Carrier Aeropro To Shut Down Flight Operations

August 17, 2010 - Quebec air carrier Aeropro reported on Monday that the company is shutting down its flight operations as a result of its failure to convince a Federal Court in Quebec, Canada to reverse the decision made by Transport Canada which had revoking its operating license.

University heads to appear before the Committee on Culture and Education

In keeping with the Act respecting educational institutions at the university level, the heads of Quebec's universities will be heard by the Quebec National Assembly's Committee on Culture and Education, from today through September 7.

Québec Bulldogs subject of forthcoming book

1913 Moran Malone Hall.jpg
Photo: Marc Durand

They were a predominantly Anglophone team in a French-speaking town. Their star player would later score 44 goals playing for the Montreal Canadiens. They won the Stanley Cup twice, playing at a small rink just inside the Rue St. Louis gate long before national TV contracts and multi-tiered 20,000 seat arenas.

A band would play at center ice during the game.

WestJet to fly from Quebec City to Cancun and Fort Lauderdale

WestJet today announced the upcoming launch of two new seasonal non-stop services between Quebec City and the sun destinations of Cancun and Fort Lauderdale.

From Brazil, the Banda de Musica da Policia Militar do Estado do Espirito Santo will arouse Montreal with their rhythms of Samba

On August 20th and 21st 2010, the Banda de Musica da Policia Militar do Estado do Espirito Santo (The Military Police Band of Espirito Santo) will illuminate Montreal with their first appearance in North America then onto Québec City. The 105 musicians and choristers will share the scene with the popular singer Elba Ramalho.

Random thoughts on summer venue from cottager

Picture 11.png

These are a few notes on the only "summer place" I have ever known. Five generations of my family have spent at least parts of their summers here - and the sixth generation is due this month!

Maison O’Neill the scene of a family reunion Saturday

The history of the O'Neill family in Québec City dates back to the 18th century with the arrival of John O'Neill.

O'Neill, who was married to Julia Duffy O'Neill, received a grant of 180 acres, that was "all wood and brush," according to Dan Michaud, a current member of the O'Neill clan in Quebec by marriage.

Travel writer Batting on the Bosphorous

Quebec High School will be scene of a rare appearance by Angus Bell on Tuesday, Oct. 21. The event has been arranged by

Bell, a travel writer from Montreal with a reputation for having a great sense of humour and for being an obsessive cricket fanatic, will be coming to Quebec City to talk about his book Batting on the Bosphorus.

Memorials and Things of Fame for August 18, 2010

August 1910

CQSB considers 2010-11 budget Friday

The Central Quebec School Board will take up its 2010-11 budget Friday night during its regular monthly meeting at its offices on Chemin Saint Louis.

QCGN Action Plan promotes healthy aging for our English-speaking seniors

The Quebec Community Groups Network today launched an Action Plan for English-speaking seniors which sets a path for building healthier communities and a brighter future for our seniors.

Plaines Lunes rising on the Plaines of Abraham [Photo]


Working amimals for profit

Horses, whether pulling caleches, performing in rodeos, Cavalia, etc., are the one of the most abused animals when in contact with men. Disgusting!
Dave Lucas

Horses should be treated humanely

Horses, like any domestic animals, be they working animals or household pets, are for the most part treated humanely or like members of the family.

It does not make sense for anyone to mistreat an animal which is working for them, whether it be a caleche horse or the cows, sheep and pigs on a farm. Not all horses are mistreated.

Horse drawn carriages a heartbreaker

Since becoming a resident of Quebec City in 1982, each and every time I witness these horse-drawn carriages, my heart breaks; I could just weep. The public is informed that these animals are well-treated and well cared for.

Calèche horse dies the day before the QCT sounded concerns of abuse with Qubébec City’s horses

Coinciding almost to the day of a Chronicle-Telegraph report detailing possible heat-related problems suffered bycalèche horses in Old Quebec, a horse pulling a calèche had to be destroyed the evening of July 27 in the street.

Summer Notes activities and events August 18, 2010

August 17 to 21: Les Plaines Lunes on the Plains of Abraham after sunset. With over 2000 costumed characters and 500 volunteer walk-ons - a grandiose historical epic. This second French edition of the mega-production will be held on the Plains of Abraham's major events site for five memorable evenings.

Military music marches into the City

Photo: Festival international de Musiques militaires de Québec

While two giants, heroes of World War II, hover above the festivities, military bands from around the globe will march into the city the last week of August for the 13th annual edition of the Quebec International Festival of Military Bands.

Plaines Lunes rising on the Plaines of Abraham


It is 1908. Quebec City is now 300 years old.
On the Plains of Abraham, a young art painter named Theo enjoys depicting the everyday life passing in front of him. One day, Theo meets young Eve, who lives in the park with her father, Professor Arthur, the director of the astronomical observatory.

Caleche horse, Jim, is euthanized in the streets of Quebec City

The Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph first reported problems with the Caleche du Nouvelle-France service in an article published in our July 23, 2010 edition.

Ironically, this is the day,  Jim, a caleche horse, had to be euthanized in the street, as reported by Le Soleil in their August 9 edition.

Tom Henighan at the Morrin Centre

book cover.jpg

Atropa belladonna, known as 'nightshade', is one

Fête de la Nouvelle France weds past and present [Photo]


Photo : Les Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France SAQ - A real marriage took place Saturday at Place Royal during the Fête de le Novelle France


Memorials and Things of Fame for August 11, 2010

The Morning Chronicle

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