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Andrew Caddell to speak at Holy Trinity this Sunday

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‘'I am quite flattered because the cathedral was always my home church,'' said Andrew Caddell. ‘'I have a tremendous attachment to it.''

Caddell, 57, a native of Montreal with deep roots in Quebec City, will speak Sunday at his ‘'home'' church, the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity on Rue Des Jardins as part of that day's activities.

Spagetti Supper

Don't forget! Valcartier Elementary School is having a spagetti supper on Saturday, November 7th at the Community Centre in Saint-Gabriel-de-Valcartier.  Adults $10, Children 5 to 12 $5 and 4 and under are free.  We will have a bake table, raffle etc. so come out and enjoy!

[Photo] Bill 44 has “worrisome” implications for CEGEPs

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Photo courtesy of SLC - Mr. Kenneth Robertson, Director General of Champlain St. Lawrence


Québec Counseling Week

It's under the theme of "Exploiting your Skills During a Period of Uncertainty," that the Ordre des conseillers et conseillères d'orientation et des psychoéducateurs et psychoéducatrices du Québec (OCCOPPQ) presents the Québec Counselling Week. During the week of Nov. 1-7, the OCCOPPQ offers various activities and free public conferences throughout the region of Québec.

Mutual fund practices look a bit like Ponzi schemes

There is something about Canadian mutual-fund industry numbers and practices that are troubling this retail investor. Some numbers don't add up and the industry talks to us in a language I call "fund-speak" about mysterious stuff like "trailers" which are hitched to "MERs."

Give Me One Good Reason to Vote in the Upcoming Municipality Elections

No substantial opposition has already placed Régis Labeaume in the winner's circle as the "re-elected" mayor of Québec City. Now it seems the only reason to vote is to secure a new arena for a potential NHL team; since Mr. Labeaume has made it clear that the project will be shut down if he doesn't have a strong majority win.

We must speak out together against Euthanasia-murder

Bill C-384, a bill to legalize euthanasia in Canada, is in no way comparable to Palliative Care. Euthanasia and assisted suicide will see an immediate end to a person's life, maybe without their knowledge or consent.

Last month’s Quebec City Reading Council event celebrating Literacy Day was a resounding success!

On Saturday, September 12th, more than 150 visited Eastern Quebec Learning Centre to celebrate International Literacy Day. The event was organised by the Quebec City Reading Council to raise awareness for literacy and sensitise the community to the fact that a large number of the population can't read or write as well as they would like to.

Stars, Rockets and Salamanders


Discrimination in the NHL? A different statistical perspective

Bob Sirois' new book, Le Québec mis en échec, raises the issue of discrimination against French Canadian players at various levels of hockey, including the World Junior Program and the National Hockey League. In his book many of the arguments are of statistical nature.

Quebec’s 2002 amendment struck down by Supreme Court

The provincial government must now rework a law barring certain students from going to public English-language schools after the Supreme Court of Canada last week ruled the law unconstitutional, a decision that has "angered" the province's government.

Bill 44 has “worrisome” implications for CEGEPs

A provincial bill that has "worrisome" implications for Quebec colleges is likely to become law by the end of the year.

"There are a number of things that are worrisome," said Kenneth Robertson, Director General of Champlain Regional College, whose three campuses include Champlain-St.Lawrence College serving 1,000 students in Ste-Foy.



In loving memory of a dear mother who passed away October 29th 2005.

"I wish so much that life could be,

just as it was in years gone by,

Kandahar Rush Hour


A Coyote from B (Reconnaissance) Squadron, 12 RBC drives through downtown Kandahar on the first day of Ramadan.


Ordination and introduction - Saint Andrew's presbyterian Church

The musical presentation is at 4pm , the service is at 5pm and there will be a reception after the service.

On Sunday October 25th a very special service will be held at Saint Andrew's presbyterian Church in Old Quebec to celebrate the ordination and induction of their new minister Reverend Katherine Burgess.  There will be a special musical presentation beginning at 4pm, followed by the service at 5pm.  A reception will follow.  All are welcome to this blessed event.

[Photo] Anglo organizations pleased with Lebaume meeting


photo by VEQ

From left to right: Lorne Mulroney, Louis Hanrahan, Richard Walling, Jean Robert, Helen Walling, Guylaine Caron, Ron Corriveau, Mayor Labeaume, Michelle Morin-Doyle, Michael Boden, Simon Jacobs.



Anglo organizations pleased with Lebaume meeting


Photo: courtesy of VEQ

From left to right: Lorne Mulroney, Louis Hanrahan, Richard Walling, Jean Robert, Helen Walling, Guylaine Caron, Ron Corriveau, Mayor Labeaume, Michelle Morin-Doyle, Michael Boden, Simon Jacobs.


A Safe Environment for Halloween Saint-Gabriel-de-Valcartier

On Halloween night, in order to provide our children with a safe environment to do their trick-or-treating, Fire Safety Services will be out controlling traffic from 5:30 to 8:30 p,m,

The patrolled route is as follows:
Boulevard Valcartier (between civic numbers 1660 and Dépanneur du Village), Morley Street, Domaine St-Gabriel, Place Leduc.


Am I a male chauvinist pig? Maybe am I just one among many concerned about Social Deconstructionism?

At the risk of coming across to all my friends, especially the female ones, as a retrograde, anti-progressive, misogynist, male chauvinist pig neo-conservative macho man, I feel that I have a confession to make.

Newsy Notes - Annual Fall Tea and Sale and Valcartier Elementary School invites you to our SPAGETTI SUPPER

Fall is once again upon us and with that, annual fall sales and meals. This weekend, it's happening at McMahon Hall, which is underneath St. Patrick's Church. St. Patrick's Council of the Catholic Women's League is holding its annual Fall Tea and Sale.

The NHL in Quebec, is it feasible?

By Louis Moust, Montreal

Amid recent meetings with Bill Daly and Gary Bettman and serious talk of a new arena, the return of an NHL franchise to Quebec seems as tangible as ever. Assuming a new arena gets built, is the NHL in Quebec City a feasible project?

You have to love this guy Regis Labeaume


10 Important Things Learned Since I Started Driving in Québec

10 Important Things Learned Since I Started Driving in Québec

Coral Ann Izon

I have now been a proud inhabitant of Québec City for almost two years, but only recently started driving. In just a few short weeks, I had made some vital observations that I would like to share with my fellow drivers:

Bishop’s University, from the steps of Norton Hall

Bishop's University, from the steps of Norton Hall.

Wallpaper on my computer screen.

John and I have dropped in on my alma mater to check on how the old girl's doing. With personal business to attend to, John has left me to rest on the front steps of my old residence, Norton Hall, where I took this photo.

Just ten days to go until the 2009 QCWC Bookfair

bookfair 2007_2color.jpg
Photo: Photo courtesy of QCWC Bookfair committee

Québec City bibliophiles will be flocking to the Eastern Québec Learning Centre (EQLC) on Saturday October 31 between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. to stock up on their winter reading material. The Québec City Women's Club's (QCWC) used book sale is a much anticipated event which is held annually on the last Saturday in October.

Centre helps wounded soldiers back to their feet


Sgt. Etienne Aube feels lucky to be alive, three months after stepping on an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan's Kandahar province July 17.

QESBA meets in Quebec City to discuss Bill 88

Debbie Horrockscolor.jpg
Photo: Photo courtesy of QESBA

Bill 88 is now "front and center" for Quebec's nine English school boards, said Quebec English School Boards Association President Debbie Horrocks.

"It's been hanging around for some time now," said Horrocks.

Memorials and Things of Fame


The Morning Chronicle

Municipality of SHANNON - Public Notice


Municipality of SHANNON

Referendum date:
2009 11 01

Quebec City Mayor Régis Labeaume visited François-Xavier-Garneau College last Wednesday

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