OBITUARY: In memory of Shelley Price

22620_price in memory.jpg

Shelley Price died on Feb. 2, 2020, at Saint Brigid’s Home, at the age of 70. Shelley studied at Dickenson State University in North Dakota and got a B.Sc degree in mathematics in 1971. She then went to Ball State University (Indiana) and received her MA in music and psychology in 1976. Shelley joined the University Women’s Club (UWC) of Quebec shortly after moving to Charlesbourg.

The UWC of Quebec became the Quebec City Women’s Club in 1990. In 1991-1992 Shelley became vice-president and one of the Book Fair conveners. In 1992-1993 she was named treasurer and was president from 2003 to 2004.

Multiple sclerosis slowly got the better of Shelley. When she felt she could no longer manage by herself she moved to Le Saint-Patrick, before eventually admitting that she needed to be in a facility that could offer her the care her physical condition required. She was a very positive person, a fighter. She was admired for her will to live as independently as possible. Those who wish to make a donation in her memory are invited to visit the funeral home site at