Memorials and Things of Fame

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 Today’s issue is the largest ever published by The Chronicle. This is due to the fact that it contains 28 pages which are in the nature of a special patriotic edition, edited and published by the Baden-Powell Chapter of the Daughters of the Empire. For this portion The Chronicle is charging much below the cost price and all the profits will be divided by the Chapters between the French Red Cross Soldiers’ Comforts and other patriotic purposes. Already a useful profit has been realized, but it is hoped that the patriotism of the people of Quebec will lead them to buy freely from the members of the Chapter who may offer to sell them the edition. This number gives a good idea of what has been done by the citizens of Quebec in patriotic work since the war began, though it does not deal with generous contributions made to the Patriotic Fund, The Machine Gun Fund and several other funds of a patriotic description. 


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