March planned for Jim, late calèche horse

A woman from Sherbrooke is reportedly among those planning to honour a caleche horse who had to be destroyed in July while on the job.

The march, according to reports, will depart Parc de l'Esplanade at 12:30 p.m., Saturday, September 4.

Participants will be asked to carry a flower in memory of Jim, the horse who collapsed and died on July 28.

Reports said it was either heat exhaustion or heart failure that caused Jim's death, although the results of an official autopsy have yet to be released.

Jim, who was 10, died the day before a Chronicle-Telegraph report regarding the stress summer heat places on caleche horses. Jim had reportedly been pulling caleches for four years when he died.

Two Quebec actors and comedians, Gilles Latulippe and Patricia Tulasne, have asked the city to investigate the treatment of the caleche horses and the regulations intended to protect them.

The death followed a June 23 Letter to the Editor of the Chronicle-Telegraph that detailed the collapse of another horse in the city's abnormally high temperatures this summer. It was not known whether the horse that died was the same one that collapsed in June.

The letter, written by British tourist Ann Abbott, said she was unsure if the horse was the same one that her tour guide saw fall in June.

"The horse I saw was of tan-brown colour - not dark - and of fairly slim build - it did not have the broad physique of the type of horses often seen pulling carriages," she said via email recently. "It did not look old, either. The carriage was carrying at least three people who together pushed the carriage to the kerbside after the horse collapsed."