Make your own history in 2008

Well, 2008 is finally here! As we recover from relaxing and feasting over the holidays, it is time to get into the rhythm of Quebec City’s 400th anniversary celebrations, if we have not already.

This city was founded through the courage and determination of those who first landed here and believed in a new world, a land of opportunity.

Quebec City, with its extraordinary quality of life, is just that. This year we’ll all have plenty of chances to be reminded as we learn more about the capital of the province and former capital of New France.

Canada is a land of opportunity. We are so very fortunate.

As our soldiers forge on in Afghanistan and elsewhere around the world, they too are working toward opening opportunities for people who are less fortunate than us.

Helping each other is what it’s all about. That’s what makes a community work — everyone finding a way to share talents and experience to the benefit of others.

This edition of the QCT contains plenty of examples of people and communities in action.

Some Quebec City children have been making a difference through their hard work. They’re helping children in Afghanistan put shoes on their feet this winter, thanks to the co-ordination of Major Pierre Huet of Base Valcartier, on the ground in Afghanistan, and spiritual animator Claire Groulx from here in Quebec City.  

Instead of watching the world on television, Nathalia Guerrero felt compelled to join the Canadian Red Cross team. She travels around the world, documenting life-changing work done by staff and volunteers.

Here in Quebec City, in Canada, there are plenty of other ways to make a difference and plenty of organizations in need of a volunteered hand.

These precious acts and the people behind them represent the spirit of Quebec City and its rich history. Without such generosity, a city would simply not get off the ground.

May 2008 inspire us to proudly explore and celebrate our city. May we find ways to share and continue to build this fantastic city together for many decades to come!