Macaroni harvest at St. Pat’s

Photo: Photo by Shirley Nadeau

SPHS CARES is spelled out on St. Patrick's High School gym floor with 1009 boxes of macaroni and cheese. After the domino fall, all the boxes were donated to Moisson Québec.

SPHS CARES were the words spelled out on the gymnasium floor of St. Pat's High School last Wednesday morning. The words were "spelled," however, with over one thousand donated boxes of macaroni and cheese which had been carefully stood on end and lined up by a team of St. Pat's students:

Roxanne Theriault, Marie Kristine Arseneau, Melissa Giguere and Kimberly Prevost.

  Trisha Klankar sent us the following . . .  "Thought you would like the link for the Macaroni video...maybe it can go online with the article too. I am all about publicity...The more people aware that Moisson Quebec is in need all year round the better. I believe when others see what KIDS have the power to do they get inspired by the youth and help too....soooooo the more views the better!"