The long, hard road to publishing part: deux


Now you know being about my book being rejected 38 times actually 39 as of this writing... But what I didn't tell you the first time around is that this summer I actually did get some serious interest from an agent in New York city...I was so close to success and stardom I could taste the recycled paper I printed the response on.

You see this is what goes on in my little head...visions of Hollywood calling.

The key to being published is your query letter. It is without a doubt the hook, the bait and the catch to every agent's and publisher's plate. When submitting your idea before you even think about sending or emailing them something to review you must read the required agency's guidelines of do's and dont's.

Sometimes easy but most of the time very boring and exhaustive.

They figure if you can get through all the fineprint and sensitive tuning you might be actually worth the read but only if you  follow they're rules.

So, it was the end of Juin to be exact, I stumbled on this agency and readied a query letter after reading they're guidelines... they had a mission statement:

"Passion is key to our success! We are here to help you the writer accomplish whatever your goals are"


They seemed profesionnal and their publishing credits were impressive

I like the word PASSION in fact it is probably my favourite word....

I was to say the least hooked.

Finally an agency that seemed to care about the writing more than it's sales potential!

I email immediately my letter tweaked, reviewed, spell checked and damn near perfection included a deluxe, slick cover page it smelled profesionnalism all over my electronic submission.

1 hour later I get once again the standard rejection letter.

.and I get mad..Very mad.

Without thinking I settle myself in and start typing away my frustration at this agency I thought was so pure stating that their passion is certainly not the key since they did not even take the time to rview it properly blah, blah, blah...

I grind my axe, taking out my writer's frustration out on this poor agency not forgetting to stay polite for the whole letter.I was taught good matters after all!

Exactly 2 hours later I get a response...

I swallow but have a lump in my thoat...uh-oh

I tell myself what kind of nasty response did I get this time?

I could not bring myself to open the email...

I closed my computer. unable to go on

i'll let you in on what happened next very soon...