The long, hard road to publishing

I've finished recently writting my first book and I think it's pretty darn funny, touching and an overall good read.
It took me two years of dedication and perseverance.
Like some of you who are reading this right now, you may have written something you too would like the world to read, enjoy and if your lucky get inspired from...
Well, so far i've accumulated 38 rejection letters and counting... Some standard nice, many polite copy and paste and most pretty nasty.
But I refuse to give up.
That would be too easy.
By the way, who said writing was easy?
I write for the pure, unconditionnal love of the written word.
I would also be a straight up liar if I told you that I did not want any recognition or maybe sign an autograph someday... in fact it woul be a pretty big lie.

Once you think that the book you've written is actually good enough for mass consumption comes the real hardships and lots of self-doubt, having complete strangers (A.K.A: publishing houses and agents!) tell you that your writing is not good enough to sell... is hard for the ego.
My luck thus far has been slim pickings...
I was inspired enough tonight to drop a line and thought I'd start sharing with you the long hard road to being published.
Not that anyone will care.
Hopefully you will!
I won't give up and I cannot fail.
...or maybe i'm just looking for some attention...
So keep reading!

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