Local author launches young adult Science Fiction novel

P. Joy Webster, author of the young adult science fiction novel, Don't come here, Julie!, will be signing copies of her new book at La Maison Anglaise et Internationale bookstore (Place de la Cité) on Saturday, December 11, from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. The French translation (hot off the press) will also be available.This novel started off as a short story written for a university class. A faculty assistant who proofread the story was so intrigued by it that he insisted she make it longer. In Webster's own words, "The story burned inside me for years, and had to come out." She developed it into a novel for children and young adults ten years later.Julie is a teenaged girl who studies on Earth and lives in the school dormitory. Her mother is an Ambassador, and has recently been appointed to the planet Norandia. This planet is relatively unknown, as it has just joined the Interplanetary Council. Julie is thrilled by the prospect of spending the summer on Norandia with her mother and getting to see the place and its unusual inhabitants for herself. However, her mother says that this is not a good time, and not to come. Julie decides to go there anyway and finds out that her mother has been kidnapped. What has been going on that her mother hasn't been telling her? How far will Julie go to help her mother?Don't come here, Julie! was chosen as Book of the Year (Young Adult Science Fiction category) for 2010 by www.books-and-authors.net.  Author, P. Joy Webster was also named Best New Writer (Young Adult Science Fiction category) for 2010 by the same organization. Her book was given very positive reviews by the Midwest Book Review, Diligent Writer, Page One Lit, and on-line customers.Webster very recently graduated from the Institute of Children's Literature in West Redding, Connecticut. She is currently working on a sequel.