Living to 100

People born 100 years ago would typically live to the ripe old age of 50 years, while children born this year are expected to live longer than 80 years. A study of centenairians reveals some general guidelines that you can use to help extend your own life, regardless of your current age.1. Be born a female. Hard to do much about this, but females have been outliving males for centuries.2. Stay married. Married people live longer than single people - 10 years longer for men, 4 years for women.3. Eat less. Research shows that life expectancy can be extended by eating less.4. Pass up refined sugar. Sugar can speed the aging process.5. Use little salt. Getting used to salt-free tastes will take some time.6. Reduce protein intake. Excess protein stresses the body and reduces your ability to fight disease.7. Regular exercise. No need for a gym membership. Brisk walking improves circulation, metabolism and emotional well-being.8. Shun alcohol and tobacco. There are no health benefits of tobacco, and too much alcohol can counter any of its positives.9. Cultivate your spiritual connection. Those who regularly worship or meditate are shown to enjoy greater life expectancy.10. Accept what is. Make life the kind of adventure that will compel you to see how it all turns out!11. Eliminate unnecessary stress. Stress is very aging.12. Keep it positive. Optimists live longer than pessimists.13. Have a purpose. Serve. Donate your time. When you let up, you'll likely suffer a let down.