Letter to the Editor: An American apology

An American apology

Dear Editor,

Mr. Trump does not speak for most Americans. When he insults Canada, our closest friends and allies, most of us feel angry, embarrassed and shocked by his words. It is a betrayal of our long-standing relationship and certainly does not reflect the attitude of the average American. Just the opposite is true. We have a great respect and fondness for our northern neighbors [sic].

Mr. Trump appears to be antagonizing most of our allies while trying to advance the interests of Russia ... a country which has recently attacked America’s election system. As improbable as it may seem, many of us in the States are beginning to wonder if he is on the Kremlin's payroll. He has taken many actions which have arguably benefited Russia while actually hurting our own interests. The [Trans-Pacific Partnership], the Paris [climate] accord, the Iran nuclear deal, immigration “reform,” uncalled-for tariffs and many other of his positions come to mind. They have all sown the seeds of discord into the minds of the free world.

Please know that dedicated people in our government are working to determine just how legitimately this president was elected. Bear with us as we go through this painful process. Know that we are your friends and that our long-standing relationship will survive the behavior [sic] of Donald J. Trump.

Bob Rossow,
Maine, U.S.A.