Dear Editor,

The Quebec Art Company has been on my radar for many years through my subscription to the Chronicle-Telegraph and from the rave reviews I’ve heard from my father, late mother and step-mother. I was delighted to learn that the Company was putting on a musical production when I would be visiting my home town from my adopted home of Toronto.

I’ve just seen Fiddler on the Roof, the Company’s fall production and, Wow! ... What a show! The sets, the props, the costumes – all charming and period-appropriate. The five musicians – crackerjack. The company – fantastically well-rehearsed with a gorgeous sound. The direction – fresh, fun and fast-paced. And the dancer who balanced a bottle on his head – holy cow! And the leads – well-cast, good to listen to, good to watch. The lead character, Tevye, was played by an outstanding performer, Michel Blackburn. He carried to the audience the humour, warmth and lovableness of the character, with the bonus of a wonderful voice.

I urge everyone to support this marvelous company. I saw a show tonight (Nov. 21) that was as polished as any professional production. Well done, Quebec Art Company!

~ Sheryl Wright Mercer