Letter to the Editor

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Photo: Raymond Wayland

Lobster fishing boats are lined up along the jetty on Entry Island, near the small town of Old Harry in the English-speaking section of the island.

It is with great interest that I read the article “Crossing Canada: A Voyage on the CTMA Vacancier” [by Britta Gundersen-Bryden] published on July 18. … My wife Marie-Thérèse and I, with our twin daughters Carole and Carolyn, took this marvellous cruise last month to celebrate our 56th wedding anniversary.

The article really sums up what we did. It was our second trip to the Magdalen Islands. We left from Quebec City, rented a car six weeks before leaving and planned our three-day island visit ahead of time.

We were fortunate to have beautiful weather. We saw everything we had planned on seeing and ate delicious seafood in the restaurants we had planned to visit. All in all, 380 photos and 400 kilometres later, we can say that it was a beautiful area to visit. We stopped for six hours in Gaspé and took a bus to visit Percé, where they are doing a wonderful job rebuilding a long boardwalk along the [waterfront] after the terrible erosion problems they have had over the past couple of years.

The 45-year-old ship is in very good shape. The rooms are a little small but we were only there to sleep! The food was delicious and the staff was most courteous. Also, [there was] an interesting social program on board every evening. The vessel’s capacity of 360 passengers is full all season until the end of September. A new ship is expected to replace this one in four years.

Raymond Wayland
Quebec City

Editor’s note: Wayland informed the QCT that he is the oldest member of the Société des photographes de Québec (SPAQ). Since 1984, he has taken part in 68 consecutive semi-annual SPAQ exhibits at Laurier Québec. He has occasionally worked as a freelance photographer. He sent along several of his photographs with this letter. Here is one of them, from his recent trip to the Magdalen Islands.