The Leadership Retreat in Quebec

Hello all,

The Evangel Pentecostal Church is sponsoring and organizing a first of its kind, Leadership Seminar for Working professionals, Business entrepreneurs and its own Church members. A guest speaker, Ron Porter who is a certified trainer and coach from the Chicago area in U.S. is coming to Quebec to conduct about ten sessions on different Leadership topics, starting Friday evening this week over two days.

Ron Porter has owned and operated his own business in Indiana State for over 30 years in the Commercial Insurance and Property Casualties industry. He spends now half of his time in leadership development in different churches and businesses, using courses and seminars preparing Leaders inside and outside churches. He has significant church ministry experiences as well, under his belt. Some of the Leadership topics Ron will be covering include, Defining Leadership, Understanding Vision, Being a Responsible Leader, Keeping a Leader Honest, Listening and Coaching like Jesus, Understanding Authority, Leading Meetings well, etc. There will be other topics like Calling of Work and Leadership Skills, as well. There will be video demo, group exercises and lots of opportunity for interactive learning. It will be a fun-filled leadership learning experience in a comfortable conference room at the Community Learning Center of Quebec High School, near Belvedere station.