Las Vegas at St. Lawrence

Lounge and Casino Night

Photo: Catherine Lebel

People were having fun playing poker.

On Friday April 4, at St. Lawrence College, an epic night took place. It was the famous Casino Night ! Were you there ? If not, you missed an amazing night. What was it? It was casino games players, about 40 of them playing their favorite games such as Poker, Blackjack and La Roulette. There was also a casino game promoter who came to present his personally-made game. It was called Njambo. Popcorn, drinks and candies were freely flowing and spreading happiness in people’s faces. Special prizes were drawn during the night. People had raffle tickets when they were buying an entrance ticket.

The goal of this event was to create a casino experience at a low cost. It was also to raise awareness that the game must stay a game, that’s why there was no money involved in the casino games. A preset number of chips were distributed around the table, the same amount of chips for every players. The winner of each table received an extra raffle ticket that gave them more chances to win prizes: gift cards of Laurier Quebec worth $15. In the end, the event was a succes: every player left satisfied from their experience and the atmospherere was friendly. Finally, we can say that Las Vegas really came to St. Lawrence!