La Maison des 100 Thés celebrates its 10th anniversary

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Photo: Barbara Herdegen

Barbara Herdegen welcomes visitors to La Maison des 100 Thés to celebrate their 10th anniversary.

Quebec City’s top destination for tea is celebrating its 10th anniversary! La Maison des 100 Thés, located at 452 avenue Maguire, invites you to come discover the wonderful world of teas.

“In 2006 we started with 100 teas, and now we carry 300,” said Barbara Herdegen, owner of La Maison des 100 Thés. Herdegen insists that she has a tea for everyone, whether you’re a traditional tea drinker or someone who likes to venture out from the norm.

“Tea is not an elite product, I think it should be available to anybody. We also try to stock the teas that are trending. Right now the trend is fruit infusions and vegetables, such as zucchini and tomato. We also carry popular tea brands such as Kusmi tea, Forté tea, R. Uchiyama tea.”

But life as a neighbourhood retailer hasn’t always been easy, especially when you have larger chains to compete with such as David’s Tea. Herdegen insists that her job is still rewarding and that she strives to stand apart from the chains. One way of doing this is by offering exceptional customer service. When a guest walks in, they are immediately offered a cup of tea to sip on while perusing around the store. 

Herdegen also offers services that you won’t find in larger chains, such as the ability to create your own tea blend. With help from her staff, you are invited to create your own magical tea infusion! La Maison des 100 Thés also offers customized packages such as novelty gifts, corporate gifts, and wedding favours.

La Maison des 100 Thés is also the official tea supplier of Domaine Cataraqui and provides teas for popular events such as Un dimanche à l’anglaise.

And with colder months falling upon us, La Maison des 100 Thés will soon be offering tea tastings as well as a celebratory weekend later in October.

And the inspiration for all this tea talk? “I grew up with tea and always liked tea. A tea store was a passion of mine I wanted to bring to life,” says Herdegen.

La Maison des 100 Thés will be celebrating all month so grab a cup of tea, have a look around and keep warm!